VCDL Protests Falls Church, VA’s Anti-Gun Mayor

Virginia Citizens Defense League Protests Falls Church, Virgina’s Anti-Gun Mayor

Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Falls Church, VA –-( Over 60 VCDL members were at the Falls Church City Council meeting Monday night. I counted 10 antis. The room was so packed with VCDL members that one of the antis sheepishly asked if she and her child could sit by one of our members. He, of course, welcomed them to do so. 😉

Most of our members were from the area, but we had people as far away as Richmond come to the meeting.

The large crowd got the attention of the City Council members, who told some visiting dignitaries from Nicaragua that they were about to see democracy in action.

The Mayor was not in attendance.

Several VCDL members from Falls Church spoke, as did EM Dave Vann, Ed Levine, Ian Branson, and I.

I pointed out Bloomberg’s true agenda, his vigilante actions in Virginia and other states, and quoted some comments from the many mayors who have left his coalition in disgust. I asked that the Mayor relinquish her membership in Bloomberg’s shameful coalition.

Ed Levine told City Council that they have an illegal handgun ban still on the books.

Jim Sollo, president of the anti-gun Virginia Center for Public Safety, said that 26 people had been killed by CHP holders in the U.S. in the last 3 months. Even if that were true, what he didn’t mention was that there are almost 6 MILLION CHP holders in the US! Also, Sollo said KILLED, not MURDERED. Big difference. A self-defense killing is not a crime.

(After Sollo spoke, someone from our side made a loud comment. That’s something the anti-gunners do and it always makes them look bad. We must hold ourselves to a higher standard and refrain from any kind of outburst during government meetings. We can best get our points across by following the proper protocol and doing so politely, but firmly.)

Another anti-gun speaker said that VCDL was a vocal minority. That’s rich coming from a group that turned out less than 80 adults last Lobby Day, while VCDL turned out 600!

At the end, after everyone had spoken, the Vice-Mayor said that City Council backed the Mayor being part of the coalition and that the City also wanted to be able to ban guns at government buildings.

At least he was honest about the Council’s disgraceful agenda.

HOWEVER, this should serve as a strong reminder to all of us that some of the worst TYRANTS are the local ones.

WE MUST ALWAYS PROTECT PREEMPTION! Mark my words: without preemption, people like the Falls Church City Council and their Mayor would snap your gun rights away so fast it would make your head spin.

Those of you in Falls Church need to get together and vote them all out of office. They don’t deserve to serve in the Commonwealth of Virginia. They are more fitting to New Jersey.

** I bless preemption every single day I do my job as president of VCDL.**

Dave Vann talked to the dignitaries from Nicaragua after we were done speaking to City Council. The Nicaraguans, who are coming from country that lacks many of our freedoms, had a much better understanding of freedom than did anyone on City Council. How sad is that?

Dave filed this report:

“It’s obvious the 5 mayors from Nicaragua had common sense. They stopped me on my way to find them. I never had a chance to offer them the GSL stickers before they asked me for them!

We had a great time talking about Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Honduras. One of the interpreters (the woman) gave me her card and asked me to stay in touch.

All in all, great relations between two peoples that have something in common, FREEDOM!

I’m going to email her and offer an open invitation for the Mayor’s to go shooting if they are ever back in the States again.”

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.