Mayors Against Illegal Guns Wants a Secret List To Keep You from Buying Guns

Mayors Against Illegal Guns Wants to use  a Secret List To Keep You from Buying Guns

New York, NY – -( The gun banning front group Mayors Against Illegal Guns, headed by New York’s Mayor Bloomberg, came out with a full page ad in the Washington Post recommending that the Federal Government now link the secret No Fly list to National Instant Background Check System (NICS) and use this to prevent gun owners on the list from buying guns.

And just last week, Attorney General Eric Holder endorsed this legislation on behalf of the Obama Administration. Fortunately for US gun owners, Congress has failed to act and that is why Bloomberg’s MAIG is now pushing to connect the two.

According to the Government Accountability Office, over the past five years people on the terrorist watch list, also called the No Fly List bought guns more than 850 times. This is a Secret List kept by the federal government that has no rhyme or reason as to who gets on it and no known way to get off it.  Remember, this is the same secret list that the late Senator Kennedy was listed on for a period of time, preventing him from flying on commercial airlines.

In addition to the No Fly list MAIG is also calling for closure of the imaginary Gun Show Loop Hole and a repeal of Tiahrt Amendments which require the FBI to destroy records of approved background checks performed on gun purchasers within 24 hours.

ACTION 1: Check the Mayors Against Illegal Guns website and see what Mayors belonging to MAIG live in your state and call them and demand they resign from a group that’s mission is banning legal gun ownership and infringing on your second amendment rights.

ACTION 2: Write your congressman and demand that they Vote down any attempts by the Obama Administration and MAIG to introduce any bills that would allow the secret government No Fly list to be linked with the National Instant Background Check System.

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There's a website that was recently brought to my attention on the Calguns forum, Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors!


The MAIG group is getting more and more desperate. Maybe they know that the Second Amendment will be incorporated against the states and municipalities by SCOTUS, in the McDonald v. Chicago case.

MAIG's actions are reminiscent of the Nazis burning more and more inmates in the death camps, even as the Allies and Soviets moved closer and closer to invading Germany, during World War II.