Gunsite’s Buzz Mills Will Run For Arizona Governor

Gunsite’s Buzz Mills Will Run For Arizona Governor
I wanted you to be the first to hear it directly from me.

Buzz Mills For Arizona Governor
Buzz Mills For Arizona Governor

PAULDEN, AZ – -( I’m running for Governor of Arizona… and I need your help.

First, let me assure you that Gunsite will continue to be the best firearms training facility in the country. Your life is too important to me and I value your friendship and support of Gunsite.

Buzz Mills Will Run For Arizona Governor
Buzz Mills Will Run For Arizona Governor

But I was 17 years old when I first took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and I’ve never stopped living by that oath. Sadly, just like the federal government, Arizona is suffering from a lack of leadership from the professional politicians.

People are out of work, our state is going broke, and our borders are being overrun. I just can’t sit on the sidelines and do nothing.

As a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, NRA board member, and owner of Gunsite, you know I will always defend our 2nd Amendment Rights and stand for more freedom. To protect our citizens and our tax dollars, I believe we must secure our border and end taxpayer funding for illegal immigrants.

I’m not a politician. I’ve never run for office before. I’m a businessman who creates jobs and delivers results. And that’s why I’m running for Governor: to get Arizona back to work. Our current Governor has failed to lead and now wants to raise taxes – a huge mistake in my book.

I’ll stop runaway government spending and record deficits by cutting spending, not raising taxes because it’s time to grow our economy – not the government.

Over 35 years, I’ve built successful companies, created hundreds of jobs, and signed the front side of thousands of paychecks. I know how to get the economy moving again.

If you agree that we need to elect true conservatives in 2010, I really need your help today – no matter where you live. Please join me today by making your maximum contribution to my campaign (Donate here.)

If you can afford to give the maximum gift of $840 ($1680 per couple), I really need that kind of commitment. But whether you give $250, $100 or even $25 every dollar helps us get our message to the voters.

If you would like to learn more about our campaign, please visit my website right now and watch our video at

I hope you will join me in this important effort. I urgently need your help today. Don’t wait! Thanks and may God bless you and yours.

Best regards,
Buzz Mills

Hat Tip: Jack Chinelli

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Dave Brewer

You have my vote and in support of your efforts, I would like to tell you that I have PRIME highway (69) land (between Prescott and P.V.) that you are more than welcome to post your campaighn billboards on, EVERY person that travels this road will have no choice but to see your signs, you have my email let me know if you are interested.


Ken Lownds

I can understand that Buzz got into the Governor's race for jobs and to help the budget, but getting out because the issues have changed is a cop out. Those issues were there before, same as the budget and jobs. The governor cannot say that they are only going to deal with certain issues and let the more controvercial ones slide. As a retired Staff Sergeant, I know how difficult leading can be, but a leader has to lead in every way to make the situation (i.e. the bettermant of the State of Arizona) the best it can be for… Read more »

Bernadette Capossela

I am a registered Democrat and almost quit that party because I am sick of their nonsense but the Republicans are just as bad. I have to say you sir, are a breath of fresh air. I wish you much luck in the primary and hoping you make it to the general election where you already have my vote. I am tired of politicians, all they care about is their image and not the constituents they are suppose to represent. I don't have money to donate but I would volunteer on your campaign if you could use me. Thanks again… Read more »

Kathryn Cole

First of all I would like to know how you plan on cutting expenses and from where will they be cut. As a senior citizen, I am very worried how I am going to survive with the cuts to Medicare. The senior citizens facility has already been done away with. Our children and grandchildren are already suffering poor education due to cutbacks at the schools. Tell us how you plan on cutting back and how you will be doing a better job than Jan Brewer.

Shelby Hawkins

I have been quite curious about you for some time now, but after listening to you this past Saturday at the Republican women's breakfast many of the points you may were right on. Jan Brewer gets all the glory but it was the lawmakers who did all the work. Never once has she praised the lawmakers for the work they did. I'm sure someone in her camp will read this comment and we will see it or not. Yes,prop 100 passed but who donated all of this money to gain this victory? Teachers' union, or other unions? Or was it… Read more »

Bill Armstrong

Buzz Like your adds. I feel the Az. schools have enough money. All that is needed is to cut the number of School districts. The state is so top heavy it is not funny. No business could exist with the ratio of administrators vs workers{ teachers} I would like to see your comments. Now that would be a tough decision. Thanks for your ear.

Bill Armstrong

Tucson, Az

Betty Cordle

I like the things that I have heard about you and from you, but it's hard to believe that anyone can fix the mess we are ALL in.

I to would like to know where the NO to 100 signs are>>why do we always have to keep giving more and more money to be washed down the drain???? When will it ever end??

I hope and pray that if you are our new Govn. that you will be able to fix this BIG MESS!

I wish you loads of luck and will probably be voting for you.


Hello Buzz, I am an old shooter, age 83! Made expert on every light infantry weapon, Korean era, 22nd Infantry, 4th Infantry Division. When in the 7th grade, I scored 89 out of 100 in a skeet tournement with a 20 ga semi-auto with a Cutts Compensator; Have been a dove, duck and quail hunter most of my life. I will vote NO on prop 100. I reload ammo constantly. mostly .45 ACP, and target shoot about 4 times a week, pistol only, macular degeneration killed my long gun shooting in my right eye. Your shooting activities seem real nice… Read more »

William Dankemeyer

Could you please send me a vote no on proposition 100 sign for my yard, or how can I get one.

You have my vote for govenor

Thank you

Dixie Blakely

God Bless you son, I am a registered democrat but you have my vote, We need more like you !


Dixie Blakely

Lonnie Faubion

I understand there were over 25,000 letters sent to Gov in favor of the freedom to carry bill. These votes were but from one group. At an interview about this bill Mr. Mills said he would have voted in favor of it. This statement and his stand on gun rights Will mean a great boost in his campaign. Im pretty sure there will be 25,000 un hesatating votes from one sector. Mine will be the first.

Paul O'Brian

Sounds like Gene has a problem with the concept of what commercial time COSTS in the media- can you imagine what daily 20 minute ads would run to explain it ALL? Mr. Mills is a stated conservative, favors cuts of touchy-feely do nothing programs instead of burdening TAXPAYERS ( who ALSO need to eat, Gene ) by telling them that THEY must finance liberal state-level boondoggles while they watch the Constitution ripped to tatters by the current ( come Nov, hopefully former) congress. Frankly, Mr Mills has taken the best media stand here thus far. He may depend on my… Read more »

Gene Carpenter

I have not heard all that I should have heard it would seem. I keep hearing stop the illegals from crossing the boarder and lowering our life style to fit there lives not ours. Buzz you seem to be missing all the facts. ( look up my past Emails ) If your only going to address the illegal problem it won't work, you need to address all the problems associated with it or this will be a waste of time just like all the others. You say your not a politician, you sure act like one. If your going to… Read more »

ric hysing

Buss, SEMPER FI. I just recently heard you are running for Gov. I have been getting info about you and like what i see. I have been a democrat all my life but i have always voted for the man or women who would serve there country and state with only the the intrest of the will of the people who elected them in office. Weather they be a democrat republican independent. Buss you got my vote as well as sheriff JOE. Iam also a retired ironworker. LOCAL 1 CHICAGO. Lets go out and get it done. From a brother… Read more »

Joann Kish

Can you please tell us more about how you would balance the state budget. You say that you will cut spending. In what areas do you see room to cut spending? Do you see new ways of doing something that will be more efficient and therefore save the state some money? What will you be willing and able to cut and how will you do it? Perhaps, I haven't looked hard enough, but I can find nothing on your website or anywhere else (so far) that answers these questions and I would really like to know. I will watch your… Read more »

Mike Milburn

Buz, I also am a Marine. I am interested in your record of service. When did you enter the Corps? What rank did you attain? Where were your duty stations? Date of Discharge? MOS? Combat action?
Awards and citations?
I also was a small business owner for 25 years in Arizona. I employed as many as 50 people from time to time. What was the name of your business? How long were you in business? In what capacity did your employees function?

Bill Caldwell

I can understand why "Bob in Az" has trouble sleeping. (post at 12:36). His rhetoric is typical of Liberal hate speech. I have always believed that if you can't say something good better not show your ignorance by saying something nasty.

Buzz, Your tie to Gunsight will be a problem for do gooders. Letters to the various Editors can gain a lot of publicity and great feedback from the public. Ask friends to start letters with good positive comments.

Good luck in your bid for Governor.

Bob in Az

You are not even qualified to serve 18 months as governor of Alaksa, let alone Arizona. Ozzie and Harrier were fiction. Get real. Stay home and use your guns to shoot targets that look like the XXXX you fear, racist Troglodyte.

Ed Lindsey

So far I like what I hear from Mr. Mills. God knows we need someone that has some back bone and is genuinely interested in fixing things.

I agree with a previous poster, "I am all for Buzz as Gov. of Arizona and Sheriff Joe Arpaio as Attorney General, so he can be head of ALL Arizona Law Agencies."

Ed Lindsey, USAF Ret

James & Stacy Ke

Dear Buzz, You can certainly count on our support in your run for govenor! We live in lake havasu city AZ. and John McCain will be here for a town meeting today. We have previously sent (to McCain, hundreds of pages within three booklets pertaining to waste, fraud and abuse of power…in short RICO. The information proving the allegations have gone unanswered since Jamuary. The current government could care less. In Lake Havasu there are some serious issues surrounding the sewer project, criminal police misconduct, City Council appointed Judge Andress (former police supervisor without a law degree) signing search… Read more »

Carla Dunlap M.Ed.

Please state your intentions concerning public education funding. A well educated population is necessary for business and industry to come to Arizona. If you are a Republican, the Republicans in Arizona are lacking in policy in funding for education in Arizona. They are harming the state.


Thanks but No Thanks

diane diamond

I hope you do not support the current pending AZ legislation that permits anyone to carry a concealed weapon and not register it. In fact, it is a scary idea to be in a bank or grocery store where someone could open fire….surprise.

Col. Bill Sahno, USM

Is there an email address to where I can send an attachment to Buzz Mills? I understand that he is coming to our town of Payson, AZ and I have crafted an announcement which I wish to run by him.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Bill Sahno

Colonel, U. S. Marine Corps (Ret)


Just thought I would add this to what I already said. I am a veteran who has been fighting VA for years now. Those I know who served before and after me in other states for what I filed a claim for or less have managed to be approved and have been receiving VA service connected for ears. I was told when I tried to get help from government officials that the VA here in Prescott did all they could to help me which is a lie. They made me worse. I was ridiculed, laughed at and pointed out in… Read more »


GO BUZZ GO I will surely vote for you and urge everyone I know to also. Make this state work for all of us. We need you in office!

Debbie Tennant

I am so glad to see a regular guy run for office. Please put on your agenda if you get elected jobs.

I have been unemployeed for over two years and can not find work because I worked in the new housing industry. I would take any kind of job so I would not loose my home.

I am supporting you by spreading the word.

Proud to be an Ameri

I will vote for mr. Mills


Why do you not state your part affiliation?

tom puckett

He is a Republican! Thank you for running , Mr.Mills.

terry mills

You got my VOTE. It's about time someone with True Arizona and AMERICAN values ran for Governor . No we are not related . But with the last name of Mills you got to be a good guy

Jim Sparks

Looking forward to meeting you at Black Angus Steakhouse Tuesday evening. You seem to say all of the things I think our Governor should say and if elected, should enact. Thanks for coming to Tucson.

owen pool

Are you Republican???????

AC Salzman

I'm looking for a strong Conservative to strangle the wasteful government spending habits, and to stop the flow of illegal aliens which are crippling our medical costs and hurting the education of our children and grandchildren. You appear to be the person Mr. Mills!

Keep your message out there, and jump on some talk radio/tv shows to get your ideas out in front of the competitors.

Ross Anderson

I am all for Buzz as Gov. of Arizona.And Sheriff Joe Arpaio as Attorney General,so he can be ahead of ALL Arizona Law Agencies.

JoAnn Dun

I like everything I am hearing about Mr. Mills. Let's elect him for Governor of Arizona and then, when his term is over and Arizona is functioning once again, President of the United States.

Anthony Minadeo

Please let me know what political party you are affiliated with. Republican, I hope! Either way, we need a strong leader in this state, as well as the country, to stop illegal trespassers from taking over our state and country. Also, stop the spendthrifts from breaking the bank.


A.P. Minadeo USAF Ret.

Bill Bethel

Finally, the man that can lead our state, secure our future, and is committed to public safety. My donation is on it's way. Count on my vote, my friends and family too.

William Thayer

You have my support sir, keep up the good work!

Bill Thayer USAF Retired

Jim Jordan

What party do you belong to, so that I can vote for you in the primary? With all due respect, I presume you are a Republican, but you might be a "blue dog" Democrat; either way, you got my vote! How should I register?