KBI Charles Daly Goes Out of Business

KBI Charles Daly Goes Out of Business
Charles Daly, CD Defense and Jericho Firearms all effected.

KBI Charles Daly
KBI Charles Daly

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- To all our friends, fans, supporters and consumers of Charles Daly and by extension, KBI products, I regret to inform you that the rumors of our demise are true.

KBI is going out of business and closing its doors, effective today, January 29, 2010.

I don’t want to go into each and every detail as to why this has occurred, except to say that there have been a multitude of events over the past five years that have contributed to our current situation.

For those of you with ongoing service requirements please be advised that we are currently negotiating with several companies that will be performing after-sale service of Charles Daly, CD Defense and Jericho firearms.

As soon as we have finalized a contract with one of these companies we will post the name, address and contact details of that company on www.CharlesDalyForum.com, so you will know who to contact to obtain service on your KBI firearm.

Again, I wish to thank all of you that have supported our company, Charles Daly and all the other fine firearms that we have sold over the years.. This spells the end of KBI but I imagine it will certainly not mean the end of Charles Daly® and CD Defense™.

Look for this excellent brand to resurface in the very near future.

Michael B. Kassnar, President
K.B.I., Inc.
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D. Dale Gaudet

Where may I find a front sight for a Charles Daly Hi Power pistol


You can get parts through numrich


Does anyone know where I coul find a stractor for a Charles Daly?

Greg Roy

Any one know's of where to get parts for the Charles Daly 3-1/2 Maxi-Mag Semi Auto. I need a extractor.
Please comments and help.

keith brown

Michael Kassnar pops up as a name every time I search for the gun is he the maker of the Kassnar 12 gauge simi automatic shotguns?

keith brown

I maybe at the wrong site. I own a 1980's Kassnar simi automatic 12 gauge shotgun and I need a new barrel. Every time I search "kassnar" it brings me to this website. Does anyone know anything about this gun?

russell kelson

I had purchased a CD CDGK 1566 Superior Hunter VR-MC 12 ga semi-auto years ago and didn't open the box until last night(21sep.2011).It was missing the bolt handle. I need to find a bolt handle or a reasonable substitute. Any help would be appreciated.

james ervin

Call Jack first.. They carry a few parts for C.D. and I think a bolt handle was one of them. or try valquartsen.com they do carry some bolt parts,


I see everyone else is haveing Issues like I am, has anyone found anywhere to find any parts I need a Locking Block for the 20ga Field Hunter.


Compact Desert Eagle compact factory .40 mags? any body have for sale or know were to get some?

Rene Baggett

I have Charles Daly 20 gauge pump that I can not find a magazine tube for. If there are any suggestions it would be appreciated. And I don't care how "good" a guy the companies owners were, I have only had this gun for a few years and would not have bought it if I knew that when I took it to get it fixed, I was told you would have to trash it because you couldn't get parts. That is a load of crap. You put a good bit of money into these firearms and expect to pass them… Read more »


Where can I get compact desert eagle .40 S&W 10 round factory mags – # JGR 9062

westly arnot

hello out there in the gun world im looking to find someone that sales parts for the charles daly semi auto field 20 gauge the bolts on both of mine are cracked thank you


i bought a 3.5 maximag for looks and the 3.5 shell it wont shoot reg shells ,,i had it 1 month locking block broke sent it in took 4 months got it back im scared to shoot much no warranty no parts and 600.00 dollar doorstop mines camo .now their out of business ,everyone complaining now we cant give away ,i mean points well nicely made shotgun butwhat to do i tried to get extra parts no dice and was smartasssesmat kbi


I just bought a CD pump Shotgun. Should I expect the same type of problems like those of the semi auto's? I was at the store and bought the gun on a whim, and the possibility of using it in a three gun match.

Scott Jarvis

On my second maxi mag 3 1/2 auto. The first was a POS first the locking block broke then the firing pin.

The ups man had my gun more than I did.

I demanded a new gun and got one.This gun seems to be fine but with out the warranty I think try to sell or trade it in.

Jerry you are the idiot you are just lighting gun power!!! without the lead you you are not developing shit for chamber pressure.

Where you from Arkansas?

Jerry Conley

I have A tactical charles daly semi auto shotgun I beat the crap out of it,as it was only $600 so its my play-millitary-beater..I have shot around 1000+ birdshot,300+ 00-bucks and several boxes of slugs repeatedly,I shoot her in the rain all the time..I have only cleaned this gun about 4 times in the past 2 years (since ive owned it).I shoot so much I broke apart the internals of A tasco 1x RDot shotgun scope.the internal lenses are just clanking around,lmao(no its not still on the gun).not A spec of rust.this gun is more dependable then either of my… Read more »


where can i find a bolt for mt sons 20 ga youth hunter semi auto loader

Bart Collier

Michael Kassnar is a good guy in my book. He has fallen on hard times. My Editorial Asst Melissa shoots a KBI 1911 that's near stock. And SHE hits common milk containers with it at 100 YARDS! The smallest she has hit is a 1-quart carton, so I just had to do better and hit a 3"X 3 /3" pint at 100 yards but I have a hyper custom, hand-made 1911 that's mostly Wilson Combat… but I made it. BUT, I hit it twice!


can anyone please tell me where to buy parts for my charles daly semi automatic 12 gauge shotgun…guaranteed for life..yeah, the life of your business, you could have given someone the rights to distribute the parts. my locking block broke, my slide broke, i just want it fixed and rid of…piece of crap


can anyone please tell me where to buy parts for my charles day semi automatic 12 gauge shotgun…guaranteed for life..yeah, the life of your business, you could have given someone the rights to distribute the parts. my locking block broke, my slide broke, i just want it fixed and rid of…piece of crap


Lee and Regina do me a favor. Run as fast as you can into a wall. Lee your the Idiot. Regina go buy your husband a new shotgun you cheap skate.

KBI and Charles Daly had one of the best reputations in the industry. It is a sad day when honest people lose. Michael Kassnar will be back and strong. Charles Daly and KBI Rules!!!!


Next time buy a TriStar. They are true to their word. Repairs take less than a week. The new stuff they have is amazing, reliable, and a great price.


it is no suprise there are going out of business they dont keep there word on if your gun breaks that the will fix it. kbi had my hubsands shootgun for two months for a broken locking block and bolt handle, they sent it back to us not fixed and the crap of a letter that they were going out of business. when i sent the gun in to be fixed they said it would take 2 weeks and they would send it back fixed well they didn't fix it and ever time we called or sent a email to… Read more »

Nathan Lee

The IDIOT Michael Kassnar entered into some business deal(s) without written contracts and got screwed (of course).

Nice job Kassnar. Please go to college.