Copy of a Leech & Rigdon Confederate Revolver

Copy of a Leech & Rigdon Confederate Revolver
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Copy of a Leech & Rigdon Confederate Revolver
Copy of a Leech & Rigdon Confederate Revolver

Regional Firearms Auction – February 27 & 28 2010

Rock Island Auction Company
Rock Island Auction Company

Rock Island Auction Company – -( The revolver is a close copy of the Colt Model 1851 Navy revolver, except that it has a round barrel with an octagonal top barrel housing similar to the Colt Dragoon.

The visible top barrel flat markings read, “LEECH & CS”. The faint serial number on the barrel and frame appear to match.

There is some minor pin prick pitting and the grips have been freshened.

The condition code is OD ( See RIA Auction for Exact Condition Details)

Auction Estimate: $5,000 – $10,000

Auction Details:
Rock Island Auction Company announces the next Regional Firearms auction to be held at their facilities in Moline, IL. The huge success of our previous sales proves that people are investing in what they know: firearms are solid investments that hold value through economic downturns.

Investing and collecting opportunities abound at Rock Island’s fantastic Premiere Firearms Auction Regional February 27 & 28. At a time when the stock market changes daily, gun collectors are seeing the worth of their investments.

Hard assets are the place to invest your money and gun values continue to rise. This auction has firearms for every level of collecting and investing from Colts to Winchesters and the hundreds of high quality sporting arms. Rock Island’s continued sell through rate of over 97% proves that items that come to RIAC are for sale and now is your chance to make a solid investment.

Rock Island Auction Company has been solely owned and operated by Patrick Hogan. This company was conceived on the idea that both the sellers and buyers should be completely informed and provided a professional venue for a true auction. After working with two other auction companies, Mr. Hogan began Rock Island Auction in 1993. Rock Island Auction Company has grown to be one of the top firearms auction houses in the nation. Under Mr. Hogan’s guidance the company has experienced growth each and every year; and he is the first to say it is his staff’s hard work and determination that have yielded such results. Visit: