New Scenario Game ‘End War’ This Summer

New Scenario Game ‘End War’ This Summer

Real Action Paintball
Real Action Paintball

San Jose, CA –-( Real Action Paintball, the leader in military and police simulation and training, is proud to bring you an exciting new scenario game: End War. This summer, the industry’s leader in tactical training is teaming up with dynamic leaders in scenario paintball to bring you a mil-sim game that is truly as real as it gets.

End War is open to magazine fed paintball markers in .68 or .43 caliber, including the wide range of RAP4 paintball and force-on-force training markers. The rental package will feature T68 Gen 6 magazine fed markers, which come equipped with numerous tactical rails for mounting lights and lasers, scopes and night vision gear…even RAP4’s wide range of compressed air powered paintball grenade launchers!

RAP4 facilitates military training with units deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan, issuing T68 Gen 6 markers that replicate their duty arms, and crafting scenarios that prepare their minds and reflexes for the rigors of combat. RAP4 also works with police tactical units to create the most realistic training environment, so officers maintain a heightened level of readiness to wrangle with the worst bad guys on the streets.

That same RAP4 staff is putting the finishing touches on End War right now, to bring the scenario to life as realistically as possible. You’ll need backup, a game plan, skill and heart…and the will to survive in an all-out struggle between three aggressive forces.

Practice limited-paint games this weekend. Hone your first shot placement and speed reloading skills. Get ready – End War is coming.

Real Action Paintball – As Real as it Gets!

RAP4 is recognized as a leader in compressed air-powered marking technology, with patented innovations for military and law enforcement tools and industry-leading paintball sport equipment. Headquartered in San Jose, California, RAP4 has distributors across America and around the world. Trained staff members are available by phone or in person for consultations, and to troubleshoot or train your personnel on use of their equipment. visit

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