RAP4’s Raptor Barrel Now Ready to Rock Your Woodsball Game

RAP4's Raptor Barrel Now Ready to Rock Your Woodsball Game

RAP4's Raptor Barrel
RAP4's Raptor Barrel
Real Action Paintball
Real Action Paintball

San Jose, CA –-(AmmoLand.com)-  RAP4 is proud to enable you to take that slick speedball marker and make it rock the woods!

RAP4's full line of tactical barrels helps you harness the firepower of Bob Long, Smart Parts, Dangerous Power, Droid, and other high-end markers…while putting your paint on-target like never before.

The Raptor barrel comes in standard “Autococker” threading, as well as custom thread patterns for just about every electronic marker on the market today. RAP4's barrels come in smoothbore for break-free performance, and Raptor Tactical Rifled models that provide spin-free performance for your top-quality paint. The rifling also imparts small cuts to the shell in an even pattern all around, so a glancing shot that would otherwise bounce will actually break on your opponent – extending your effective “break on target” range!

RAP4's Raptor barrels are available with a faux flash hider to give your marker a woodsball-ready look, and with threaded muzzles…perfect for attaching an M16-style front sight post, interchangeable flash hiders, or other accessories.

Barrel lengths for the Raptor barrels start at 12″, the shortest tactical length you want for the range, gas economy, and accuracy you need. They are available in two inch increments including 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, and the 22″ Super Sniper model! Use these extreme lengths when you need to poke that barrel through a sniper's hide, thick vegetation, or when you need a barrel that matches the length of real sniper rifles for a custom building project.

RAP4 has you covered for popular woodsball markers, too, so you can take your Tippmann, T68, or US Army marker to the next performance level.

When you're ready to turn a tourney marker into a woodsball powerhouse… When you're ready to drastically improve your accuracy, and the range at which your paint breaks on your opponents… When you're ready to take your markers to the next level of performance and woodsball aesthetics…

…you're ready for RAP4's Raptor Barrels.

Real Action Paintball – As Real as it Gets!

RAP4 is recognized as a leader in compressed air-powered marking technology, with patented innovations for military and law enforcement tools and industry-leading paintball sport equipment. Headquartered in San Jose, California, RAP4 has distributors across America and around the world. Trained staff members are available by phone or in person for consultations, and to troubleshoot or train your personnel on use of their equipment. visit www.rap4lesslethal.com

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