Fellowship of Christian Sportsmen 24 Hour Sporting Clays Shoot At 74 Ranch

Fellowship of Christian Sportsmen 24 Hour Sporting Clays Shoot At 74 Ranch
If we do not get at least four commitments we will cancel this event.

Sporting Clay Shooting at 74 Ranch Resort TX
Sporting Clay Shooting at 74 Ranch Resort TX
Fellowship of Christian Sportsmen Texas
Fellowship of Christian Sportsmen Texas

Campbellton, Texas –-(AmmoLand.com)- Our Annual 24 hour Sporting Clays Shoots is scheduled for 4/9/10 – 4/10/10 at the 74 Ranch.

The cost is $250.00 per person for Friday noon to Saturday noon (double occupancy, kids who shoot cost $200, non-shooters cost $150). This includes 10 – 12 hours of shooting, four fantastic meals, and nice lodging. The cost does not include your shotgun shells.

We will arrive shortly before noon Friday and unload. Lunch will be served, and then it’s off to the range in golf carts. You can shoot as much as you like until dinner time. You may shoot after dinner as well, but in the past we have chosen to fellowship, as we had enough shooting for one day. The next morning will start with a super breakfast, followed by shooting, and another great lunch. We will depart the ranch after lunch.

A round of 50 clay targets on the Sporting Clays course at Capitol City costs $19.49. If you were to shoot 1000 rounds at Capitol City it would cost you $389.80. For $250.00 at the 74 Ranch you get 1000 rounds or so, four first class meals, and lodging equivalent to Best Western or La Quinta!

The 74 Ranch has the following benefits:

  1. Over 300 target combinations
  2. 15 stations – minimum 4 traps per station
  3. 75 Auto LaPorte Traps with Remotes
  4. 20-foot, 40-foot, and two 100-foot Towers
  5. 3 stations over water
  6. 3 stations with targets 30 yards below your feet
  7. Golf Carts

This is as much sporting cays shooting in 24 hours as we normally do in almost two years at Capitol City .

At the 74 Ranch, we also don’t keep score (like we do at Capitol City) which speeds things up considerably. At Capitol City we usually rotate shooters after every 8 – 10 shells. At the 74 ranch we usually rotate after 2 – 3 boxes! At the 74 Ranch you can literally “park” at a station until you figure it out. Several of our members can testify how this has dramatically improved their shooting.

We can take 12 shooters. Your check for $250 is due no later than 3/9/10 (one month before the shoot). The first 12 who get their checks in to Mark get the spots. If Mark does not have your check in hand by the end of the day on 3/9/10, you will not be guaranteed a place.

Send your check made out to 74 Ranch to:
113 North Field Drive
Round Rock, TX, 78681
Contact Mark for more information at 512-773-9115.

About FCS:
FCS is a non-denominational, non-political, family friendly sportsmen’s organization, founded in Austin, Texas in 1988. We provide Christian fellowship opportunities for people who like to hunt, shoot, fish, camp, etc. Events range (alphabetically) from clay target shoots to upland bird hunts. Visit: www.fcs-texas.com