Announces Brass-4-Cash Program Announces Brass-4-Cash Program

Brass Casings
Brass Casings
Lucky Gunner Ammuntion
Lucky Gunner Ammuntion

KNOXVILLE, TN –-( is excited to announce a new program designed to help you reduce your shooting costs.

Instead of throwing away spent brass, Brass-4-Cash provides you with a great incentive to collect and ship it for credit toward future purchases. The process is fast and easy.

Here is how the Brass-4-Cash Program works:

  • Collect as much brass as you can after your next trip to the range (take a snow shovel and a broom and you will make a fortune)
  • Fill out the simple online form at (the website will then generate an instructional shipment ticket to print out)
  • Ship your brass to, using your choice of UPS, FedEx, or USPS–whichever is most convenient for you.

Once we receive your brass, we will inspect it, weigh it, and then e-mail you with a credit code! This code entered on their website allows you to receive instant credit when making your next purchase.

Because we view this as an opportunity to help our customers afford more time at the range, is paying top dollar for spent brass. For example, for 40 pounds of 45 ACP brass (this is only about 3,000 casings), would issue a credit of $96.00! This really is a great opportunity to save some serious money at the range.

For acceptance, all brass casings must meet the following requirements:

  • Casings must be brass or nickel-plated brass only (they do not accept steel or aluminum casings)
  • Casings must not be deformed in any way (crushed, dented, or split casings will be rejected)
  • Casings must be free of tarnish and corrosion
  • Casings must be free of dirt, sand, and any other foreign material
  • Casings must be of the types/calibers requested on the website or a mixture thereof

According to the Brass-4-Cash Terms and Conditions, you will be responsible for paying for shipping your brass to With that in mind, it is usually best to ship at least 2,000 to 3,000 or more casings at a time. The more you ship at a time, the more profitable Brass-4-Cash becomes for you because your shipping costs per dollar earned decreases. You may even want to contact your local range and ask them if you can pick up the extra brass laying around.

This is a great opportunity to save money at the range. To find current used brass rate information, and for Terms and Conditions, go to

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