The New Rossi Circuit Judge – Incredible Shotgun / Rifle Crossover

The New Rossi Circuit Judge – Incredible Shotgun / Rifle Crossover

Rossi Circuit Judge Shotgun - Rifle Crossover
Rossi Circuit Judge Shotgun - Rifle Crossover
Rossi Firearms
Rossi Firearms

MIAMI, FL –-( The new Taurus Circuit Judge, manufactured exclusively for Rossi, takes the most overwhelmingly successful revolver in recent history and extends its range for incredible hunting and shooting.

This shotgun/rifle crossover offers the ability to shoot .410 gauge 3-inch magnum shotshells, .410 2.5-inch shotshells and .45 Colt ammunition with the rifle barreled shotgun, or fire both .410 gauge 3-inch magnum shotshells and 410 2.5-inch shotshells with the smooth bore shotgun.

The Circuit Judge, offered in a blued finish with a beautiful hardwood Monte Carlo stock, delivers amazing versatility, accuracy and simplicity. It also includes the latest in modern features such as a single-action/double-action trigger, fiber optic front sight, yoke detent, cushioned recoil pad, transfer bar and the Taurus Security System.

The Circuit Judge’s barrel measures 18.5 inches long with an overall length of 38 inches and weighs 4.75 pounds. MSRP $618.00.

The Rossi revolution of firearm design and manufacture started with the founding of the company in 1889 by Amadeo Rossi. For the past 120 years, the tradition of innovation grew along with the company and the Rossi family. The Rossi name represents a piece of firearms history and a tradition of excellence.

In 2008, Rossi production was acquired by Forjas Taurus S.A. Rossi is the industry-leading manufacturer of single-shot, matched pairs, muzzleloaders, rifles and shotguns. The acquisition integrates perfectly with the quality of firearms currently produced by Taurus International and will expand the ability to produce quality firearms at reasonable prices as well as dedication to creating new and exciting Rossi products. Today, a Rossi firearm still features the same dedication and innovation in every firearm. Now, as part of Taurus International, Rossi looks forward to providing you with the next generation of great firearms.

The complete line of Rossi firearms features the exclusive Taurus Security System, which utilizes a key to lock the firearm and offers additional safety for youth. All Rossi firearms also incorporate a transfer bar mechanism and a manual safety on a single shot, break-open design in which the breech cannot be closed or opened if the hammer is cocked.

Rossi is proud to offer a free One-year NRA Junior Membership with the purchase of any Rossi youth model. It is recommended that children always be accompanied by an adult when shooting. For more information about Rossi Firearms, a Division of BrazTech International, visit

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This seems to be a great choice for many different purposes. From what i've heard this gun has very little kick. I think it would be great for home defense because its lightweight and very short compared to most rifles making it easily maneuverable through doorways and small spaces. At the same time its much longer than handguns which would greatly increase its accuracy. But it also gives the reliability and ease of use of a revolver. so yes this would be an awesome weapon to keep with you at all times. LOL!!!


I am a small female and have rotator cuff issues. I am curious about the kick on this gun. I don't know of anyone with one that I can shoot before I buy one. I like the feel of the gun and the weight,it's like it was made for me. I would not be hunting with it but adding to the home security. I do enjoy shooting though and want something that will not effect shoulder thus I would not be able to work. thank you. Christy I am anxious to find out! I catch hell from the guys over… Read more »

Floyd Rinehart

When I completed the Navys' Aviation Ordnance A School in Norman, Okla. the standard government military ssue .45 cal handgun's effective range was 75 feet. That would likely be a collector's item today.


how far can u shoot accurately with the 45?


If you have a Gander Mountain nearby, they are advertising them at an introductory rate of $449.99 now through Oct. 23rd. In-store only, though.

Don Ware

When can I buy one ? Circuit Judge


Looking at the lower picture they are either making a left handed model or that is a mirror image.


There is no left hand model so it must be a mirrored image.