Gun Owners Needs to Stay Focused On The Big Prize

Gun Owners Needs to Stay Focused On The Big Prize
RE: Statement From The NRA On H.R. 5175, The Disclose Act

Letters to the AmmoLand Editor: Got something on your mind? Let us know and you can see it here.
Letters to the AmmoLand Editor: Got something on your mind? Let us know and you can see it here.

Washington, DC –-( This attempt, once again, by the anti-gun rabble to divide and conquer [gun owners has] almost worked.

In fact, the misunderstanding will have damaged the NRA and the unending fight for our gun rights, because a few gun owners just don’t have a clue.

I have seen this over the 15 years that I was a pro-gun activist, including the 9 years that I was on the NRA Board of Directors. At one time I belonged to almost every national gun rights organization and many state and local groups.

I spent a fortune of my own blood, sweat, tears and money in this eternal struggle. In 2005, I could not go on. I was burned out. I just couldn’t run for a 4th 3-year term on the board. I was tired of talking to anti-gun rights idiots. I was also somewhat jaded over the occasional conversation with an ostensibly “pro-gun” person, who seemed to have a need to slam the NRA, thereby cutting their own throats.

Having very little knowledge [about the NRA] made them a expert about a very large, complex organization, fighting a very large, complex problem. The NRA, of all pro-gun organizations, is, far and away the most important and successful in fighting the fight.

Part of the reason is that it is the largest (hovering around 4 million members) and, in the division called the Institute For Legislative Action (ILA), it has the lobbyists and the savvy to fight the political fight.

I appreciate the other organizations that I belonged to, and their contribution to the fight. But, we must not fight each other!!

However many gun owners there are in the U.S., there should be that many NRA members. The reason that we gained back a lot of our lost gun rights, since about 1996, is the fact that we are so many.

Forbes, or somebody, has listed the NRA for several years as one of the most influential organizations in the country. Just think what we could do with 80 million members. Nobody would steal our rights from us!! With the $10.00 rebate, annual membership costs $25.00.

There is no excuse!
David A. Oliver
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Mark O

2nd Amendment supporters who are not moral relativists and situational ethicists would do better joining one or several of the NRA alternatives who still live by conservative principles. Leave the "ends justifies the means" crowd with the rest of the progressives who support Dems & RINOs…


How many battles have been lost due to the division of forces? Now is not the time to split our efforts towards a free USA. The Dems are extremely well trained in the arena of deception mixed with opportunity. The oppportunity to finally weaken its greatest enemy in its fight for total denial of our gun rights, the NRA. My advice is not to jump ship, but to continue to back the NRA's fight in the defense of the 2nd Ammendment. The anti-constitutionalist have always sighted the NRA as its opposition to gun control. They have not mentioned any other… Read more »

Donald R Hohman

Believe in the NRA and its denial of a deal with progressive Democrats or the consequeces will be the splitting of progun goups and infighting that will have the antigunners gloating with glee. Donald R Hohman CWO USA (Ret) POW LIFE MENBER NRA

Mark O

More reasons to tear up your membership card and send it back: The signs of the NRA's sellout of our Constitution were there for all to see in their support for the Liberal RINO Dede Scozafava in the NY-23 race over the Conservative candidate. The NRA also supports the most Liberal Marxist Democrat Harry Reid who has aided and abetted Obama and Pelosi to sell our nation down the toilet. Why would the NRA support Reid over a Conservative and sellout our Constitution? Reid helped them build a shooting range in Nevada!! Pretty cheap date, huh? The NRA also was… Read more »

Fred L

I read Director Cox's explanation and find it nothing more than political spin to cover up a deal with the devil. The argument of putting the second amendment ahead of the first is like choosing air over water, you die without either. I am a Life Member, but can easily throw my support to another group. After thinking it through, I will not. I will stay with the NRA for now, so long as their is full disclosure on this issue "and" if it is what it appears to be, Director Cox or whoever else is responsible, must be removed… Read more »


Ted Nugent for President !!!

Mark Berg

Hey, stick with the NRA- nothing is perfect, were a frail human entity, like every other organazation. the fight is just beginning, this Muslim, marxsit president is really moving much faster than Adolf Hitler moved in Germany in 1933 and 34. Our country is in the toilet bowl going round and round, and with Hillary signing the UN gun ban, hey a litltle 180 around the second, and were shit. Many reading this will live in an era with knocks at the door at midnight. WAKE UP AMerica

Mark Outson

Oliver exemplifies the "elitist" and situational ethics mindset and is rampant in politics today. Oliver's modus operandi is "the end justifies the means" and because the NRA does more good than harm, we should NEVER question anything they do — the masses are ignorant and NRA-ILA knows what is best. This attitude is what conservatives and Tea Party members are fighting against with the RINOs in the Repub. party. When a multitude of conservative media come out against Disclose and even a NRA Director has an Op-Ed slamming the decision as a "carve out", you know something stinks… Now, the… Read more »