Why Can’t My Rifle Maintain That Perfect Zero?

Why Can’t My Rifle Maintain That Perfect Zero?

Horus Vision
Horus Vision

San Bruno, CA –-(Ammoland.com)- A question we receive more than often is, “How do I maintain that perfect zero once I’ve already done it? I seem to keep losing it.”

Keeping a perfect zero is tough, because there are a combination of mechanical and physiological factors that can alter the configuration of the relationship with the scope and gun.

Above is a video of the president of Horus Vision with a simple guide to zeroing your riflescope.

What changes your zero?

When you clean your gun, you are moving parts around, which most likely will shift your alignment

Any time you tighten:

  • Screws
  • Rings
  • Pillar Bolts

You are again shifting the original alignment, especially if you do not apply equal distribution of torque on component parts

To avoid unequal distribution, a torque tool is a good way to tighten everything up equally.

Mixing Ammo
To maintain the perfect zero, you cannot switch up the ammunition. You have to shoot with the same brand, types, and weights.

Dramatic ranges of temperature will change your zero, because the air density affects the velocity of the bullet. With increased temperature, there is a higher velocity.

Personal Shooting Practices
If you change up any of the following, you will most likely alter your zero:

  • Having another individual shoot the gun for you
  • Holding loose vs. tight on the shoulder
  • Holding loose vs. tight on the cheek weld

Differing your Gun Rest
Be sure to use the same kind of gun rest, whether it is a sand bag, mechanical rest, box, etc. It should be stable and easy to repeat the same position each time.

Transportation of Weapon
Even if you don’t mishandle your weapon in the slightest, it is possible that a shift of zero could occur.

  • Turret knobs Not Covered

If the turret knobs are not protected, they can rub against clothing, gear, storage bags, scabbard, etc. If the knobs turn, it will definitely shift over your alignment and cause your point of impact to be off.

Defective scope
Having a defective scope is a possibility, but it is not likely. If you have taken conscientious efforts to avoid any of the above in your shooting endeavors and you still aren’t accomplishing that zero, then maybe you really do have a defective scope and need to get that checked!

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