Assault Rifle Article Misleading & Biased

The Buffalo New’s Article On Assault Rifles Misleading & Biased

Shooters Committee on Political Education
Shooters Committee on Political Education

Buffalo, NY –-( Another recent article on so called “assault rifles” was very misleading and biased. The violent crime problem should not focus on “too many guns on the street,” but rather on too many criminals on the streets.

An automobile is dangerous only if there is an impaired, or illegal driver behind the wheel. Guns are not dangerous unless they are in the hands of those who are irresponsible or who have a bad attitude. Millions of Americans have guns of all types and are not a problem because they are honest, law-abiding people.

However, the article promoted a ban on guns that have only cosmetic differences than those typically used for competition, hunting and home defense.

If bans worked, Prohibition would have been the success story of the Twentieth Century. It was the only Constitutional Amendment to be repealed. If bans worked, we would not have a drug problem. Gun bans also won’t work because criminals, who are the real problem, don’t obey laws. It is more productive to focus on getting criminals off the streets.

Possession of any gun by a felon is a federal offense. Project Exile, which has been little used in New York would automatically send a felon caught with a gun to a federal prison for five years.

Illegal purchase of a firearm is also a federal crime, including the straw purchases mentioned in the article. To solve a problem we have to define the problem and the problem is criminals. Get them off the streets and the problem is solved.

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Budd Schroeder
Chairman of the Board, SCOPE

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