Outdoor Lovers Rave About Comic Book Character Dale Dunnerway

Outdoor Lovers Rave About Limit Out Production Comic Book Character Dale Dunnerway
Dale Dunnerway is a man who works in corporate America only to earn money to hunt

Rather Be Hunting Guy
Rather Be Hunting Guy

Minneapolis, MN -(Ammoland.com)- There is a “Rather-Be-Hunting-Guy” in every family. It is the person who spends too much money on outdoor gear and smells like he has been in the woods for way too long.

This is the family member who would gladly abandon a normal life and move to the country to become an outdoor guide.

Rather Be Hunting Guy Comic
Rather Be Hunting Guy Comic

Dale Dunnerway holds this dream. He sits all day in a small cubicle and dreams of a life in the woods. He wants to be outdoors enjoying beef jerky, practicing duck calls, and building a deer stand.

Dale is a 25-year-old who is a management trainee for an outdoor furniture and lighting company. His biggest complaints are that he does not have enough vacation time and that hunting clubs cost way too much. His dream job is as a vice president of taxidermy.

Limit Out Productions produced two new Dale Dunnerway comic books. The first comic was released in 2008 and is entitled On the Job with Rather-Be-Hunting Guy. Limit Out followed this book in 2009 with Rather-Be-Hunting Guy & Life’s Demands. Both comics follow Dale’s dreams of becoming a professional hunter and how his hobbies affect his co-workers lives. Their goal is to release one comic each year in time for the hunting and gift buying season.

Characters in the Dale Dunnerway series include:

• Dale: Single, nuts about hunting, and wants a raise to pay a deposit for a trip to Montana
• Joe: Dale’s coworker who loves sports and thinks Dale may need psychiatric counseling
• Travis: Another of Dale’s coworkers who thinks Dale just got lucky and landing a good office job
• Jenny: Dale’s coworker who thinks Dale is a nut job
• Hubert: This is Dale’s boss. He went hunting with Dale and sick with Taco’s Friday Revenge.

About Rather-Be-Hunting-Guy
Dale Dunnerway is plain nuts about hunting and fishing. He’s gone a lot, spends too much money on outdoor gear and looks and smells like he’s been in the woods for weeks at a time. His dream is to move to a mountain state and become an outdoor guide. His parents and co-workers want him to grow up but Dale would Rather Be Hunting.

Dale Dunnerway comics are produced by Limit Out Productions and can be purchase at www.ratherbehuntingguy.com.