NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representatives (CFRs) – By The Numbers

NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representatives (CFRs) – By The Numbers
By Glen Caroline Director of NRA-ILA Grassroots


Charlotte, NC –-( As was done in the 2010 congressional and 2009 Virginia elections, NRA-ILA’s Grassroots Division once again deployed Campaign Field Representatives (CFRs) to targeted states and districts across the country.

CFRs’ primary activities were focused on: volunteer recruitment; phone banks; door-to-door; literature drops; attending relevant events; yard sign distribution; letters to editor; GOTV; and Election Day activities.

The 15 CFRs amassed an impressive 19-6 won/loss record in those races in which they were involved.

Below is a summary of their activities by the numbers:

  • New Volunteers Recruited: 539
  • Phone Calls Made: 107,880
  • Households Visited: 66,693
  • Candidate Flyers Distributed: 132,272
  • Bumpers Stickers Distributed: 99,289
  • Yard Signs Distributed: 5,686
  • Gun Shows Attended: 53
  • Gun Shops Visited: 1,041
  • Gun Clubs Visited: 254
  • Ranges Visited: 206

NRA-ILA CFR’s activities, bolstered by those of our Election Volunteer Coordinators (EVCs), NRA Members and Volunteers, once again prove that NRA remains the premier grassroots organization in the nation, and that gun owners activism in support of pro-gun candidates remains the envy of many!

Chris W. Cox Exec. Dir., General Operations, Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Glen Caroline
Director of NRA-ILA Grassroots
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Bob Ries
Bob Ries
5 years ago

Please provide me the name and telephone number of the CFR in Tennessee. I am involved in the Congressional Campaign of Stacy Ries Snyder, the Republican Nominee to unseat a 16 year Democratic Incumbant, Jim Cooper. I would like to communicate with our Tennessee CFR to seek aid in electing Stacy. Thank you.