Important Firearms Self Defence Court Case Being Fought In Canadian Courts

Important Firearms Self Defence Court Case Being Fought In Canadian Courts

Canadian Association for Self Defence
Canadian Association for Self Defence

Canada – -( As many of you are well aware, 2010 was a very busy year for the firearms community as a whole. We scored points on several fronts, not least of which was the near victory of C-391. (Bill to abolish the long gun registry)

2011 promises to be another very busy year for us as well. We here at Canada Carry have decided to offer our full support to Mr. Ian Thomson in Port Colborne Ontario, who was charged for defending himself during attack by three individuals who were attempting to fire-bomb his home while he slept.

About six years ago, Thomson moved to a rural property near Port Colborne to find peace and quiet. Almost immediately, he had a run-in with his neighbor over the neighbor’s unwillingness to keep his chickens in his own yard. Ever since, tension between the two has escalated.

Then early one Sunday morning last August, three masked men showed up outside Thomson’s home and started lobbing Molotov cocktails at the house while Thomson was inside. A former firearms instructor, Thomson took a revolver from his gun safe, loaded it, then went outside and fired two or three shots in the direction of the arsonists.

Thomson has surveillance cameras around his property. When he gave tapes from them to police to aid their search for the firebombers, police charged him with pointing a firearm and careless storage of firearms. Officers also turned up at his home and confiscated his collection of seven firearms and seized his firearms licence.

Police are so opposed to citizens defending themselves that even if criminals show up at your rural home, far from a police station, and try to burn it to the ground with you inside, you are considered the criminal if you shoot at them. Even if you clearly and obvious believe your life and home to be in imminent danger, officials will not support your attempts to stop your attackers.

We are asking for your help in fighting this important court case. We feel there is a good chance to establish strong legal precedent.

Also, we have the case of, Mr. Lawrence Manzer of New Brunswick, who is involved with a “self defence” issue and is scheduled to appear in court next summer. We feel that Mr. Manzer should qualify for an award of recognition from the Canadian Association for Self Defence. We would like to travel to New Brunswick this summer (June 2011) to make a presentation and of course stir up a media blitz as this case has also drawn national attention.

With our bank account running on empty, unless you help us, we will be forced to cease our activities March or April of this year. It is imperative that we raise some funds to continue operating CASD and Canada Carry.

We would ask each of you to send in whatever amount you can to help us continue to our fight. You can support us in so many other ways and we thank you for your very kind support in the past. Now, we do not believe that any of us are excessively “well off,” but we think that a good many of us can afford to part with a few dollars for what we all feel is a very worthy cause.

Stay safe,
Norman “Griffon” Lapierre & Rob “StraitShooter” Alexander
Canadian Association for Self Defence

The Canadian Association for Self Defence is committed to public safety, and ensuring law-abiding citizens in Canada have the ability to defend themselves and protect their families at all times and in any situation. Visit

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Another hunting/ shooting / gun rights organization. I thought we already have at least 3 such organizations in Canada, the OFAH, the CSSA & the NFA? What will this new organization DO that the other 2 aren't doing except ask for more membership dues & donations? At present the Canadian PRIVILEGE to own & use firearms & for armed self defense exists for some Canadians "at the pleasure" & discretion of the governments in power & their appointed bureaucrats. What is needed to create, protect & expand an enshrined RIGHT to keep & bear arms for sustenance, recreation & self… Read more »