STI International, Inc. – SkinnErgram #125

STI International, Inc. – SkinnErgram #125
By Dave Skinner

STI International GP5 Pistol
STI International GP5 Pistol
STI International Guns
STI International Guns

Georgetown, TX – -( As promised, you get this before the SHOT Show! Not MUCH before, but before.

As anticipated, pistol production was up by 32% this year and, also as anticipated, our lead times haven’t gotten much better. We’re still at about 16 weeks with SHOT and IWA almost upon us. In as much as this is probably my last missive to you, I’m sure Mr. Dillon will give you a lead time update after SHOT and after IWA.

The new catalog is done for SHOT and will start mailing on request. There’s not much changed from the old one. You’ll no longer find the Texican there- we’ve discontinued taking orders for the time being. You won’t find the GP6-C there either, because we have a limited number left (at a MAGNIFICENT price) and are “inventorying up” on new products.

Not many new product pictures in the catalog, with the exception of the “upgraded” GP5 and GP6. While the pictures don’t show it clearly and the description isn’t specific, these now come standard with four (4) interchangeable grip inserts (back straps) at no extra charge. There should be a grip to fit every hand, perfectly! Speaking of grips, we have discontinued the “standard sized” aluminum grip for the “2011” and will now offer only the “reduced diameter” size. If you want to see these and the other new items, you’ll need to be at SHOT or IWA for the unveiling. (Check into the website after the shows and throughout the year.) There will be further product releases during the year, several of which will be seen “behind the curtain” at SHOT for our larger Distributors.

The Custom Shop must remain closed for now. We’ve still got a lot of catching up to do.

While we ARE gearing up magazine production some at this time in response to an insane individual’s actions in Tucson, AZ, we really don’t anticipate any 1994 style legislation.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I will now: As usual at SHOW time, we will be offering a “S.H.O.T Show Special”. If you don’t come by the booth and ask, you’ll never know what it is (unless we extend it). If you’re a Dealer, we’ll be making you a deal that you can’t refuse. (Or shouldn’t!)

And, as usual for this time of year, here is this year’s

End of the year statistics! The NUMBERS that matter to us:

  1. Total revenues were up 21.1%.
  2. Total guns built in house were up 32.0%.
  3. Total of all guns shipped was up over 36.7%.
  4. Guns available to deliver in 6 weeks or less up almost 400%.

In the continuing tug of war between our Domestic Sales Group and the folks who sell internationally, the balance of power has shifted dramatically! Last year was a dead heat with the two groups within 0.0096% of each other. (Sgram #113) This year, International blew Domestic away, 62.6% to 37.4%. The “high fives” are still resonating in the Sales Department! In our Export business, Europe has historically been the “big dog”, though in 2009 their lead had been cut to a 1.6% margin over Asia. For 2010, our Export Region winner is Asia blowing Europe away by a 5:1 margin. “Other Countries” were about half of Europe.

On the “International Distributor” front, “Nakornban Guns” in Thailand kicked it into high gear in the second half of the year to take top honors from “Thai National Trading” and “Erawan Firearms, Ltd.”, both also of Thailand. These folks not only led “International” but, also shoved “Freedom Ventures LTD” of Canada, who led all “Other” countries (as usual) into 5th place and “Buchsenmachrei Prommersberger” of Germany (who led Europe for the 4th time) into 6th place even though they each also showed dramatic and appreciated growth.

On the home, “Domestic Distributor”, front; ALL of our guys showed significant growth. (Avg. about 25%) When the smoke cleared, however, “Shooters Connection” took their first ever win with “Dawson Precision” (about 8X winner) right on his heels. “Brazos Guns” and “Brownells” slugged it out for a close third! Most improved on the domestic distributor front is “Jerry’s Sport Center” (headquartered in Pennsylvania) from whom we expect great things in 2011.

Our “Dealer” base took no prisoners this year either. “Shooters’ Station” of Conroe, Texas led the pack for the second year with “Oak Hill Enterprises” of Ulster, Pennsylvania a strong second and with “Austin Gun Liquidators” (Austin, TX) and “Shooters’ of Jacksonville” (Jacksonville, FL) in a dead heat for third! Congratulations and Thanks to all of you.

Here’s some gun stats for you. Single stack beat the doubles by a larger margin this year than last, (58% vs. 42%)

  • By caliber: Single Stacks: .45 = 57%, 9mm = 37%, .40 = 5%, .38 = 1%.
  • Double Stacks: .45 = 50%, 9mm = 33%, .40 = 14%, .38 = 3%.

The stats were dramatically warped, year over year, by large single stack .45ACP orders but, as you can tell from the .40S&W and .38Super stats, STI ain’t just for “competition” shooters anymore!

If you haven’t been to the new website yet, ya’ need to go there. ( ) Check out “Uncle Ted” and his “Perfect 10”! If you’re new to STI catch up on past Sgrams while you’re there.

I think we’ll call this a wrap and head for Vegas. Then to the nearest “waterin’ hole”! Then on to the nearest fishin’ hole”!

SHOT Show Booth #’s 7306 & 2814 IWA Booth # 3-138

Have fun. Do good. Sell a bunch. Preferably in that order for the time being!
David L Skinner
CEO, STI International Inc.

About STI:
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