World Class Steel Championships June 3rd and 4th 2011

World Class Steel Championships June 3rd and 4th 2011

World Class Steel
World Class Steel

Old Bridge, New Jersey –-( The 2011 ”Speed on Steel” Championship, designated the Northeast Regional Championship by the US Steel Shoot, will be shot on June 3rdand 4th at the Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club in Old Bridge, New Jersey.

The championship will consist of seven of the official USPSA/Steel Challenge stages: Round About, Zig Zag, Smoke and Hope, Five to Go, Show Down, Speed Option and Accelerator. All are the same Steel Challenge courses used at the International Event held at the end of each summer in California.

The gun Divisions are: Pistol Open, Pistol Iron, Revolver Open, Revolver Iron, Compact Pistol, Pistol Open Rimfire, Pistol Iron Rimfire, Revolver Open Rimfire, Revolver Iron Rimfire, Carbine Rimfire and Pistol Caliber Carbine.

All entries are entered into the ”Match Shooter’s” raffle for a chance to win donated prizes regardless of order-of-finish. Known as the biggest and premier steel match on the East Coast, the “Speed on Steel” match draws more than 200 shooters from across the country as well as from Canada. World Class Steel has one of the richest shooters’ raffle and order-of-finish cash awards in the shooting sports in the USA. In addition, World Class Steel’s “SPEED on STEEL” Northeast Regional’s Championship is renowned as “…the match that gives away guns.”

The 2010 SPEED on STEEL shooters’ raffle totaled more $25,000 in prizes including 22 firearms that were part of the shooters’ raffle. Competitors’ match cash pay-out awards totaled $6,5 00 in cash. World Class Steel is working diligently to have the 2011 match exceed the organization's past expectations. This is possible only through the generosity of our great sponsors who have seen fit to support the match in these many past years. These sponsors are some of the top firearms and firearms-related organizations in the industry today. Our match sponsorship roster includes Beretta, Brownell’s, Caspian, Dick’s, DPMS, FNH-USA, Glock, Harris, Kimber, Lee, Leapers, MGM Targets, Montana Gold, Mossberg, ParaUSA, RCBS, Ruger, Safariland, Sierra, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Starline, Surefire, STI and Zero, among many others.

Generous prize contributions by quality firearms-related organizations, participation by world-class shooters and competent match organization and direction all combine not only to make these matches the resounding successes that they are but also have helped our “Speed on Steel” match evolve into the premier static steel match on the East Coast.

The entire match can be completed in any one of the two sessions, morning and afternoon, that are scheduled on both days.

Match entry fee is $85.00 per gun. Entry forms, a list of our 2010 sponsors, the 2010 Match Photo Gallery and other information can be found at our website If you do not have access to a computer, contact the Match Director, John Soltesz, 680 Grove Avenue Edison, New Jersey 08820 or at (732) 494-0274 and an entry form will be mailed to you.

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