Strut and Rut Energy Shot Provides Ammo for Your Body

Strut and Rut Energy Shot Provides Ammo for Your Body
New Strut and Rut Energy Shot gives outdoor enthusiasts extra boost.

Strut and Rut
Strut and Rut

ROSWELL, Georgia –-( Solvi Brands, LLC unleashes a new tasty energy shot for outdoor addicts called Strut and Rut.

The bold shotgun shell shaped bottle provides outdoorsmen with a quick blast of organic energy with no sugar, no calories, and zero carbs that will keep them more alert, productive, and aggressive on the water or in the field; without the crash found in most energy products.

Strut and Rut Energy Shot brings new life and a second-wind into the outdoorsman’s world. The flavorful 2.5 FL oz jolt of pomegranate will enhance your focus and fortitude during your next outdoor adventure.

Stuff it in your turkey vest, whitetail pack, or tackle box for a swift energy explosion that delivers uncompromising energy and “No Crash” performance.

Strut and Rut Energy Shot
Strut and Rut Energy Shot Provides Ammo for Your Body

The energy shot blends all-natural ingredients including Ginseng and Guarana to counteract fatigue and amplify mental and physical endurance. In addition the great tasting energy shot has zero calories, no sugar, and no carbohydrates. The unique mix of all natural ingredients which delivers a sustained energy lift without the crash, has been specifically designed to address the physical and mental demands outdoor enthusiasts face on extended trips afield.

The Proprietary blend of ingredients includes:

  • Guarana – counteracts fatigue and enhances athletic reaction time and recovery
  • Ginkgo biloba – speeds up metabolism, increases blood flow and energizes the brain
  • Ashwaganda – prevents mental exhaustion and aids those who are already mentally exhausted
  • Skull Cap – energizes the nervous system
  • White Willow –a natural analgesic that reduces body ache and pains
  • Ginseng – increases endurance, alertness and visual motor coordination
  • Caffeine – about that same amount as a premium cup of coffee
  • B vitamins – increases metabolism and enhances immune and nervous system

Consumers may purchase single bottles or buy case of 12 at local outdoor retailers and convenience stores, or online at

Strut and Rut Energy Shots – Ammo For Your Body.

About Solvi Brands
Solvi Brands, LLC has a brand heritage of creating and marketing world class beverage brands. The company is a living legacy stemming from original founder Sidney Frank, the legendary marketer who drove Jagermeister and Grey Goose Vodka to global prominence. For more information visit

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Linda Hansen

Please tell us where to order Strut&Rut or where to purchase.
Thank you

[email protected]