Oregon Gun Buyer Background Check Bill To Be Heard

Oregon Gun Buyer Background Check Bill To Be Heard

Oregon Firearms Federation
Oregon Firearms Federation

Salem, Oregon –-(Ammoland.com)- As we told you on May 12th, our bill to remove the Oregon State Police as the point of contact for firearms background checks will be heard in the Public Safety Subcommittee of the joint Ways and Means Committee tomorrow.

This bill would save Oregon gun owners and gun dealers millions of dollars and countless headaches due to unwarranted delays.

As we have told you in the past, for months, the Oregon State Police have been costing dealers sales while creating unjustified delays for buyers.

Unlike the Feds, who inform dealers that they may proceed with a sale even without an approval once three days have elapsed, the State Police continue to leave dealers with the mistaken impression that they MUST have an approval code before transferring a firearm. This is NOT the case.

Please send a note today to the Ways and Means Committee, through their staff, and ask for a speedy approval of HB 2791.

ACTION: Contact info and a sample message follow:

[email protected]

To the Ways and Means Committee,
RE: House Bill 2791Dear Committee Member,

HB 2791 would eliminate the costly and redundant use of the Oregon State Police to conduct background checks for firearms purchases.

The National Instant Check System, used by most states for background checks, is more efficient and is already being paid for by our tax dollars. It makes no sense to ask Oregonians to pay twice for the same check.

The State Police are causing unnecessary delays for both buyers and sellers. Dealers have faced inexcusable wait times simply to get the OSP to answer their phones.

The OSP already use the Federal system to conduct their checks. Let’s cut out the middleman and save millions for Oregon residents.


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