Scabbard Technology Introduces the New AR Safety Scabbard

Scabbard Technology Introduces the New AR Safety Scabbard

Scabbard Technology
Scabbard Technology

ESTILL, SOUTH CAROLINA –-( The Safety Scabbard, considered the ultimate firearm protection, has undergone exciting new developments and now offers an AR Safety Scabbard designed specifically for the AR15 and M16 style weapons.

This new addition to the Safety Scabbard collection further resolves the gun containment issues that have been plaguing hunters for years.

Scabbard Technology AR Safety Scabbard
Scabbard Technology AR Safety Scabbard

The original Safety Scabbard, designed by hunting expert Randy McCrary, allows for guns of all kinds to be safely and firmly secured upright while eliminating trigger-access when the firearm is not in use.

A tapered aluminum shell and fitted foam padding are individually tailored to each firearm to ensure the finish of a weapon is not at risk for scratching or damage and can be mounted on all types of vehicles.

The new AR Safety Scabbard takes the device to the next level, offering a flawless containment system for AR15 and M16 style weapons. The length of the Safety Scabbard has been shortened to allow for fore-end rail accessories.

Both sides of the shell are recessed along the receiver and a window is provided along the back of the shell to allow the pistol grip at the trigger housing and magazine to pass through the back. The shell is constructed of galvanized steel and the padded liner still extends the full length of the shell providing protection of the receiver from debris.

“I am very excited to introduce this newly developed product to our customers.” said Randy McCrary, President of Scabbard Technology. “I am continually thinking of ways to improve and expand our products to further benefit those who use them.”

About the Safety Scabbard
The Safety Scabbard is designed to accept long-gun, shotgun or rifle trigger first, making the trigger virtually impossible to access once the gun is properly secured. It is engineered to be both simple and efficient, making it easy to secure and retrieve your gun from your ATV, golf cart or other hunting vehicle. Scabbard Technology recognizes the requirement of shooting sports, sporting clays and other shotgun, rifle and long-gun organizations to store all firearms in a safe, upright position. For more information, please visit

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