September GUNS Magazine Reviews The CZ 75 Pistol

September GUNS Magazine Reviews The CZ 75 Pistol

FMG Publications
FMG Publications

San Diego, Calif. –-( The CZ 75 is one of the most popular pistols in the world.

It is used by more military and police agencies worldwide than any other pistol, it is commonly used in competition and is becoming more and more well-known with US competitors.

Aside from its sleek look, which has been copied extensively, it can function as a traditional double-action/single-action pistol.

Writer Dave Anderson says about the CZ 75B gracing the cover of the September issue of GUNS Magazine, “…a pistol which is extremely reliable, durable, accurate, easy to shoot well and fast, needs no further justification. The fact it is gorgeous is just a bonus.”

According to Anderson, the collapse of the Soviet bloc and removal of trade barriers, along with the return of the Czech Republic have made CZ firearms much more affordable.

“How long such prices can be maintained I can’t say, but currently CZ 75 pistols (and CZ firearms in general) are remarkable values,” he said.

September 2011 GUNS Magazine Cover
September 2011 GUNS Magazine Cover

Also in this issue is September’s gun giveaway featuring the Nighthawk Falcon 1911. This is a worthy gift for any pistol aficionado, but there are extras, too, such as an Old West Reproductions No. 112 flower carved and buckskin lined holster in a style popular with the Border Patrol and Texas Rangers into the 1940s. Additionally, the package includes a Biometric Personal Gun Safe from LockSAF, a Drago Gear Assault Backpack and a Tactical Pen, which can serve as a last ditch defensive tool. This is a GUNS giveaway you don’t want to miss out on.

September’s giveaway is valued at $3,667.89 and is up for grabs by visiting and following the “Giveaway” link. While there, visitors can purchase a copy of the September issue of GUNS Magazine.

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