River Rock Design’s New Affordable Feature Packed Headlamp

River Rock Design's New Affordable Feature Packed Headlamp

River Rock Designs Headlamp
River Rock Designs Headlamp
River Rock Designs
River Rock Designs

Austin, TX –-(Ammoland.com)- The TecTrek Headlamp is a new, high-tech feature packed headlamp that is ideal for most any hands free use from bicycling to caving due to its power, features, compact size and light weight.

This robust weather proof O-ring protected tough polycarbonate TecTrek Headlamp projects a powerful 125 lumen LED light making it idea for dark inside and outside activities.

Color modes: Red for night vision retention or emergency use; blue for fluid tracking, green, for night map reading. The red can also be switched to a repeat (hands free) SOS signal mode.

The TecTrek Headlamp can also emit a red or white fast flash strobe for signaling and features a battery saving low light mode.

Adjustable focus feature: Focus the beam from long range to a wide field soft light at the touch of a finger.

Dimming feature: When bright light is not needed and/or longer power life is desired the TecTrek Headlamp has a continuous dimming feature that can set the white light from100 percent (125 lumens) down to just 10% or about (12.5 lumens). Simply scroll the power down to the desired brightness level.

“The TecTrek Headlamp is a collaborative effort with outdoor equipment engineers and lighting experts to create a headlamp with very useful features, power and durability for a multitude of uses at a price most anyone can afford.”–John Sedovic, President, River Rock Lights.


  • Material: High-impact Polycarbonate
  • Headband: One-inch wide adjustable elastic strap with length to fit spelunker helmets.
  • Dimensions: 2.5″ wide; 2.0″ high; 1.7′ thick
  • Weight:3.4 oz with batteries
  • LED Type(s): High-output Cree
  • Maximum brightness: 125 Lumens
  • Model order number: RHFC3A

White light:

  • Full Power: 4+ hours:
  • High setting; 10+ hours
  • Low setting: 20+ hours
  • Flashing: 30+ hours

Green or blue light:

  • 100+ hours
  • Red light:
  • 50+ hours
  • SOS flash setting 100+ hours

Price: MSRP $34.99. including quality AAA alkaline batteries from: either Duracell, Panasonic or Energizer.

River Rock Designs, Inc.
900 RR 620 South
Suite C101-223
Austin, TX, 78734
[email protected]

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