Half-Cocked: Nice Grouping!

Nice Grouping! – Half-Cocked Cartoons by My Gun Culture

Nice Grouping!
Nice Grouping!

About: Tom McHale describes himself as a conservative gun-totin’ bible-clingin’ literary assault dude who enjoys finding humor in just about anything. His web blog My Gun Culture is an irreverent, twisted look at gun news bordering on the ridiculous. It covers shootin’ stuff, loud noises, defending your own, the occasional mall ninja, and about 200 years of the American way. These are the (partially) true stories of My Gun Culture says Tom. Visit: www.mygunculture.com

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LOL …condom now that is funny

Matt Brennan

The "junior" looks like a condom and not a cartridge


Are these comics meant to be funny? Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe my sense of humor is flawed.