Special Forces Teach The Israeli Method Of Fighting With Tactical Carbines

Israeli Special Forces Teach The Israeli Method Of Fighting With Tactical Carbines
Israeli Special Forces experts make new DVD training course available to law enforcement officers, military personnel, and civilians.

ighting from a vehicle
In live and DVD classes, Mako Defense instructors teach you the techniques used by Israeli Special Forces to gain the greatest advantage when fighting from a vehicle.
Mako Defense
Mako Defense

Farmingdale, New York –-(Ammoland.com)- With the release of its DVD titled ISRAELI SPECIAL FORCES TRAINING: COUNTER TERROR CARBINE, Mako Defense now offers video training information that enables anyone to understand and apply the unique advantages of the Israeli Method of fighting with a tactical carbine.

This DVD parallels the live Mako Defense courses currently being offered across America. It gives viewers the opportunity to learn and practice techniques that can save their lives and the lives of innocent victims.

The Israeli Method of fighting revolves around the concept of using speed and accuracy to quickly neutralize any threat, while protecting bystanders. As presented by Mako Defense, it is designed to give US law enforcement officers the most effective methods for working alone, with a partner, or in a team; to give military combatants the skills required for a successful mission; and enable civilians to become highly competent in every aspect of using their tactical rifles for home defense as well as shooting sports.

Mako Defense Training — live and on DVD – is fast-paced, exciting and readily understood by everyone. Even in live classes where law enforcement officers, military personnel and civilians often train together, each person is able to learn at their own pace and within their different physical capabilities. DVD training can be repeated and reviewed endlessly at no additional cost, to perfect the Israeli Method techniques shown. Each technique is presented, demonstrated, and then broken down, while being filmed from multiple angles, before being demonstrated at speed in live fire drills. Viewers can experience dry-fire practice of the methods taught in the DVD course.

“We are pleased to make this excellent fighting and self-defense method available to more people in the United States,” said Addy Sandler, CEO of Mako Defense, from a range in New York where live training was in progress.

“Our live-fire courses fill up fast, and we often have law enforcement and military personnel attending on their own time, along with a great many civilians who are passionate about shooting and understand the need to develop expert home defense techniques. While not a substitute for live interaction with our Israeli instructors, our DVD courses will enable everyone to understand how to utilize the Israeli Method of fighting to make themselves and their loved ones safer.”

Mako Defense instructors are experienced warriors who have seen extensive action as members of Israel’s most elite special operations units. They are certified as instructors by the Israeli government and teach the Israeli Method on a daily basis in Israel and around the world. The lead instructor featured in these videos has responded to many hostage situations in Israel from 1995 to the making of the video. Instructors were also members of the leading Israeli Police counter-terror and hostage rescue team. They have completed years of service in both a military unit that is the equivalent of the US Delta Force, and in an undercover unit that specializes in the abduction or elimination of high-level terrorists.

Mako Defense DVDs can be purchased from your favorite local gun shop or gun dealers everywhere. Visit www.themakogroup.com for more information.

Live courses customized exclusively for law enforcement officers can be arranged for police and sheriff departments anywhere in the United States, by contacting Mako Defense.

The Mako Group manufactures, markets, and distributes innovative security products and weapons accessories for law enforcement, the military, and the shooting market. The company is headquartered in Farmingdale, New York and has offices in Nixa, Missouri; and Anchorage, Alaska. The Mako Group is the exclusive North American distributor for four Israeli security products companies – FAB Defense weapon accessories; Front Line holsters; Meprolight combat optics; and Sansolo EOD and Explosive Breaching devices.

For additional information about The Mako Group visit www.themakogroup.com, call 1 631 880-3396, or email [email protected]

Working with a partner to use cover
Working with a partner to use cover correctly while maintaining continuous firing capability by alternately reloading, is one of the many techniques taught by expert Mako Defense instructors, live and on DVD.

Mako Defense is the training division of The Mako Group. Mako Defense offers Israeli Special Operations Method Carbine, Pistol, AK-47/74, and Advanced Self-Defense and Fighting courses for civilian shooters, as well as specialized training and seminars for law enforcement and military. For additional Mako Defense information visit www.makodefense.com, call 1 417 849-3233, or email [email protected]