Clean and Protect Your Hunting Firearms with Royal Purple Gun Oil

Clean and Protect Your Hunting Firearms with Royal Purple Gun Oil

Royal Purple Synthetic Oil

Porter, TX –-(  Every hunter knows that the most important tool he has is his gun. If the gun malfunctions, your day is as good as done. Cleaning your firearms properly is just as important to your safety as it is to your hunting success.

You may be familiar with Royal Purple’s automotive or industrial line of products, but Royal Purple also offers synthetic gun oil that contains the same proprietary additive technology Synerlec. Royal Purple’s Synthetic Gun Oil is specifically formulated to provide exceptional protection against wear, rust and saltwater corrosion and fouling. It works well in a variety of temperatures and will not thicken in cold weather.

First, find a safe place to clean your gun. Before you begin, be sure to remove any clips or magazines and check the chamber to make sure your gun is unloaded before you start the cleaning process. Check your owner’s manual before disassembling your gun, and do not go beyond what the manufacturer recommends. While your gun is disassembled, inspect it for cracks and other signs of excessive wear. If your gun is in need of repair, consult a qualified gunsmith.

Royal Purple Gun Oil
Royal Purple Gun Oil

Begin cleaning your firearm from the breech end whenever possible. If you cannot do this, take safety measures to prevent pushing debris into the action. Get a phosphor-bronze brush and scrub the entire bore thoroughly. Select the proper jag or patch holder and the correct size patch for your application. Saturate the patch with Royal Purple Gun Oil and run the patch down the barrel. Remove the soiled patch from the rod as it exits the end of the bore. If you pull the patch back you can redeposit fouling and draw debris into the action. Let the gun oil soak for a couple of minutes to help remove any lead or carbon buildup.

Remove the jag or patch and attach the appropriate bore brush. Saturate the brush with the Royal Purple Gun Oil and work it back and forth through the bore three or four times. You will then want to reattach the jag or patch with a soaked patch, and run down the bore with the new patches until they emerge clean. Run a dry patch down the bore, removing any remaining residue. Make sure to check the barrel for any traces of fouling.

Take the Royal Purple Gun Oil and spray it on a patch or cotton mop, and run it down the freshly cleaned bore to leave a very light coating. This will help against rust and corrosion. Use a double ended nylon gun brush soaked in the gun oil or a degreaser to start removing any un-burnt powder or debris in and around the action. Make sure you coat any surfaces that have been degreased in addition to the moving parts with the gun oil. This will protect against rust and extend the life your gun. Make sure you do not apply too much lubricant as excess could cause the gun to collect unwanted dust and debris.

Reassemble your gun and wipe down any metal surfaces you may have touched with your hands. Make sure your bore is free of any obstruction before firing, and never attempt to clear a bore by shooting it out. Clean your scope with a camera lens or glasses cleaner and clean the body with a dry cloth.

Royal Purple Synthetic Gun Oil is available at e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Jegs, Lucky 7 Trucks, Pace Performance and Summit Racing.

About Royal Purple
Royal Purple manufactures synthetic products for numerous industrial and consumer needs. Join the Royal Purple on Facebook at and Twitter @RoyalPurpleInc. For more information on Royal Purple or its products, contact Royal Purple Inc., One Royal Purple Lane, Porter, TX 77365, 281-354-8600,

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I’ve used royal purple a few times in my truck. I liked it as it seemed to stay “cleaner” longer after a change or two. As far as firearms though I think I will stick with ballistol, Pops or hoppes.


I personal have used " Gun Oil " then i have tried Royal Purple Oil.. Hands down the Royal Purple seems to bond to the metal an last alot longer


It's what I use in my car and I get better mileage as a result. I've used that on my guns already. This should be better. Where can I get a sample?