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5.56Mm M855 Rifle Ammunition & Ammo Can
5.56Mm M855 Rifle Ammunition & Ammo Can
Frank Brownell
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Des Moines, Iowa – -(Ammoland.com)- As most of you know, we are now into the most important eight weeks in any retail stores year.

This is the time when most of the sales are made – and most of the profit – which used to traditionally start the day after Thanksgiving.

That day has now become “Black Friday” with enormous amounts of advertising and hype, and had now bled over into include “Cyber Monday” and the follow up sales days to that with some pretty creative names. From all reports we’ve been hearing on the TV, radio news and reading in the papers – and from our own experience here so far, the opening of this Christmas season just may be stacking up to be one of the most successful starts to the Christmas season ever.

We thought it would be helpful to you in your shop to know what had been selling really well for us here over the weekend. With the customers you have, we’d expect you to have calls for many of the same items we have had, and it might be useful for you to know just which ones have been the most popular with us.

The above list represents a mix of things you might want to have in your shop available for your customers – or something you might want in your own shop. All will make fantastic gift ideas for your customer’s wives, partners or friends to give and if you have someone who comes in looking for a gift to give themselves, might want to suggest one of the above items. Brownells is in stock and is ready to ship any and all of the above.

With this being the important selling season that it is, right now is the best time to place all orders or get items on the backorder list for those companies who are running out of stock on those items you want to have on hand for the Christmas season. What all markets we are looking at right now are telling us, regardless of being in the firearms industry or some other, is purchasing is getting done early and heavy for fear of items being out of stock the closer we get to Christmas. The deals and offers being presented by everyone on the web and everybody with retail stores are absolutely incredible right now. We highly recommend if you are buying as a gift or for your own personal use, do it now, or if you are a gunshop or gunsmith stocking items, to place those orders right now so you’re in stock as soon as possible for walk-in business.

Economists across the nation have been talking about the state of the economy and the intense focus on share-of-wallet marketing this season. This fancy phrase says that we as consumers have a fixed budget this year with very little flexibility. The company to watch that is extremely advanced in the marketing thinking is Amazon.com. They started their promotional offers back on November 1st this year, when traditionally they would start on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. They did this solely to get consumers buying early from them so Amazon was the recipient of that limited share-of-wallet rather than wait, like everyone else did, to begin their marketing program on Black Friday.

Well, November 1st is gone and Black Friday has passed and yet the special offers and deals continue to roll out inside this industry as well as across all industries throughout the remaining five weeks of the upcoming Christmas season. Don’t forget to sign up for our “12 Days of Christmas Deal” e-mail offers. Each day, we’ll open up a new offer (good for the remainder of the season), so check your inbox every day!

And as the old TV commercial used to say, “Wait, there’s more!”

For our WebBench readers only, Brownells, Sinclair, and Brownells Law Enforcement are running yet one more special offer thru December 9th: when you place an order of $199 or more, give the offer code DLL and get an extra 10% discount off your order.

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