On the Second Day of Christmas… Two Shooting Gloves…

By Tom McHale

My Gun Culture
My Gun Culture

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- On the second day of Christmas, I hope my true love gives to me…Two shooting gloves…

Taclite2 gloves from 5.11 Tactica
Taclite2 gloves from 5.11 Tactica

For some reason, we want to get our hands on in some Taclite2 gloves from 5.11 Tactical. Granted, gloves are perhaps one of the most mission specific items out there, so this pick represents our specific wants and needs.

Here in SC it would be nice to have some lightweight shooting gloves for cooler days. Not intended to provide cold-weather warmth but rather just to take the edge off long sessions at the shooting range when it gets icy – say down to 75 degrees or so… Ok, we’re not going to fish for sympathy here.

But it does actually get cold enough where you can’t fry eggs on the driveway once in a while.

The Taclite2’s don’t have a seam at the finger tip and feature a leather palm side and spandex back side. They even include a sweat-wiping band on the wrist. Perfect for the hot lowcountry weather.

Want those.

And a Smith & Wesson M&P.

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