Gun Rights – The Latest Civil Right to Come Under Fire


Virginia Gun Rights Rally 2020 Protest Activists NRA-ILA
Gun Rights – The Latest Civil Right To Come Under Fire. NRA-ILA

Manasquan, NJ –-( While its certainly true that firearms rights and freedoms have seen an exponential increase over the last thirty years, its equally true that those rights have been hard won.

Gun owners having to constantly push back against a tsunami of deliberate misrepresentations and out right lies foisted on an uneducated public by various gun control groups, aided and abetted by their ideological puppet-masters in the mainstream media.

These anti freedom demagogues have NO moral or ethical constraints to restrain them from their malicious malfeasance, so it’s left to the true grassroots individuals and assorted groups on the side of freedom to take up the task of informing the public of the facts. The 2008 SCOTUS Case Heller v DC is just one recent example. The anti gun zealots insisted to anyone that would listen up to, during, after and even today, nearly three years after the ruling; that this case was the first time the Supreme Court ruled in such a way.

This is bald faced LIE and is something that can easily be proven as such with a simple five minute Google or Amazon search for a book titled “Supreme Court Gun Cases” which covers two centuries and ninety two separate cases where the Supreme Court addressed the issue of the Second Amendment and firearms ownership and use as an individual and protected right.

The more recent case of Chicago v McDonald, affirming that the Second Amendment was a protected individual right, binding against the States via the Fourteenth Amendment, should have been the final nail in the coffin for the gun banners, yet the various groups, anti gun politicians and their enablers in the media have obstinately persisted in their efforts to do everything within their power to actively work to deny this fundamental civil right to as many people as possible, in every way they can conceive, with some of the most twisted logic and absurd reasoning ever voiced or put to paper.

Sadly, this is not the first time in our country’s history we have born witness to this type of despicable and despotic behavior before and should easily recognize it.

We saw it with the enactment of the Sullivan Law in NY, designed solely to deprive recent immigrants their American civil right to firearms, because they were viewed as a threat to the “establishment ” and slandered in the most vicious manner imaginable.

We saw this repeated again with the Civil Rights movement and again with the anti gay rhetoric during the 80’s. Anti firearms ownership, use, and carry is just the latest iteration of a decades old dogma, one that you would think the majority of the population would have learned by now to dismiss for what it is, a baseless, bigoted, immoral and ethically bankrupt mindset.

During the Civil Rights Era, many people, citizens and politicians alike excoriated Rosa Parks for daring to stand up for herself and the rights of all African Americans by challenging the status quo. She and many, many others endured vicious verbal attacks, physical attacks, threats and the worst of human behavior at the hands of her fellow citizens, as did homosexuals when they first gained the courage to “come out of the closet.”

Pro freedom, pro firearms patriots of every color, creed, race, socioeconomic level, and sexual orientation now find themselves enduring the same despicable behavior. I find it disturbing that the people that claim the loudest to be the most open minded and inclusive are the same people that yell the loudest about how backward, unenlightened, uneducated and dangerous firearms owners are. How they deserve to be shunned, shamed and viciously attacked for nothing more then daring to uphold the ideals of the Founding Fathers. Or the desire to embrace their freedom and civil rights and have the ability to defend their lives and the lives of their loved ones from criminal predators that our justice system has shown time and again to be unable or unwilling to deal with in any meaningful manner.

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It hard to fight our freedom or right to won specially by the right to own fire arms for the reason of protection and sport.