When Did Self Defense Become Immoral?

Editors Note: This article is in response to Jim Winkler’s, general secretary of the General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church and chair of Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence, recent editorial calling the repeal of Virginia’s One Gun a Month law immoral.

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When Did Self Defense Become Immoral?

Upper Marlboro, MD –-(Ammoland.com)- I got a chance to read an Op-Ed from a minister in Virginia today that wrote that the repeal of the one gun a month rule for law-abiding Virginians was “immoral.”

Wow, really?

I thought immoral meant not conforming to the patterns of conduct usually accepted or established as consistent with principles of personal and social ethics.

I thought immoral was wickedness, licentiousness, or you know big Biblical words like lasciviousness.

I think he is very wrong and his slip is showing.

Reality Check
It is ethical for me to protect myself, my family, my congregation, and my country, it is acceptable and even smart to do that with a firearm MOST of the time.

I believe it is consistent with the principles of a leader, a shepherd to protect and serve, but not to be a shill for the Brady Campaign.

Immoral —that is a bit of a stretch but if he wants the big “I” words how about some words to describe the organization he is supporting, like “Impotent“… you know impotent; “unable to perform action.”  And I have more… like inadequate, incapable, incapacitated, incompetent, ineffective, ineffectual, inept… words used as excuses for groups and city mayors that blame everything and everyone except the perpetrator.

The reality is guns and the lawful purchase of guns are not the problem, criminals are the problem. Our problems come from people with no regard for others or for the law. Those evil, dysfunctional, and anti-social people that prey on society. The people that embody the true meaning of “Immoral”

Mr Winkler, don’t be angry bro. Virginians are just rounding the edges off of blocks to freedom and equality.

See the Times-Dispatch to comment.

Rev. Kenn Blanchard

Kenn Blanchard

About Kenn Blanchard

Kenn Blanchard is a contributor to AmmoLand Shooting Sports News and Producer of the Urban Shooter pod cast. In addition, Kenn Blanchard is a pro-gun media producer & marketing professional that helps small businesses by providing information, entertainment, inspiration, and support to the sport shooting community through blogs, voice-over, podcasting, and professional speaking. Visit: www.kennblanchard.com

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bob barker

Gov ultrasound is a hypocrite. I think most americans agree that protecting your home property and family is justified. When we start allowing paranoid mental defectives with an attitude problem stalk people on the street that's where the NRA has gone over the line….I know- this is a conspiracy against the 2nd amendment….

Tred Law

@19th Century evangelical if you believe what you say then you should have no problem having the government limit your days of worship to once a month also, unless you feel it is a right that should not be infringe on…

Wait a minute that would be the same thing..(sarcasm)

““A law that burdens the exercise of an enumerated constitutional right by simply making that right more difficult to exercise cannot be considered –reasonably adapted” to a government interest, no matter how substantial that interest may be.”

19th Century evangel

Mr. Winkler is dead on. It is immoral for weapons to be handed out as easily as candy. Owning weapons should be a responsibility and Governor McDonnell has bowed to the moneyed interests of the NRA and we Virginians are all the worse for it. Thank you Mr. Winkler, shame on your Mr. McDonnell.

Jeff Miller

Kenn, the more I hear you speak, the more TRUTH I hear. Just wanted you to know I appreciate you…