Iowa Governor Branstad Overturns Illegal Ban on Ammunition

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Iowa Governor Branstad Overturns Illegal Ban on Ammunition

IOWA – -( Iowa Firearms Coalition has worked hard with the NRA to preserve the use of traditional ammunition for hunters and firearms owners in Iowa.

Today was a big victory as Gov. Branstad signed an Executive Order rescinding the ban on using traditional ammunition for the dove season in Iowa.

Brenna Findley who provides legal counsel to Gov. Branstad has been cognizant of the issue from its inception and was instrumental in providing a way forward on this issue once the Senate failed to take action during this past session. This not only allowed for Gov. Branstad to appropriately use executive power to protect Iowans from rule by administrative fiat but also potentially saved taxpayers from funding a potential lawsuit to defeat it.

The Natural Resource Commission (NRC) clearly overstepped its authority by implementing an illegal ban on traditional ammunition last year in a rules meeting designed specifically for setting bag limits and other normal parameters on the newly passed dove hunting season.

The NRC took action covertly without any public input on the matter. Iowa Firearms Coalition and the National Rifle Association immediately noticed the rule and began working to correct this misstep.

Overturning this rule has had clear bipartisan support from the beginning. The Administrative Rules Review Committee voted 9-1 to implement a stay on the ban for the 2011 dove season citing that the action was clearly outside of the intent of the legislature. This stay would also allow time for the legislature to address the issue in the following session.

In a clear bipartisan effort, two joint resolutions were introduced in the House and Senate to correct the problem early in the 2012 session. The House version of the bill passed early with overwhelming bipartisan support in a 73-27 vote on the House floor, but by the end of the session, the Senate had failed to take the bill that also passed early in committee on a strong 9-3 vote.

Iowa Firearms Coalition worked with the National Rifle Association to communicate with the Governor’s Office at the close of the session to express our disappointment in the Senate’s failure to act. The regulation was implemented in a manner that was inconsistent with the intent of the legislature and without fair and open input from the public on the matter.

Be sure to thank Gov. Branstad today for his leadership on an important issue to firearms owners, hunters, and Iowans.

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Protecting your Second Amendment rights in Iowa,

Jeff Burkett
President – Iowa Firearms Coalition
NRA Endowment Member

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