NC Senate Creates “Livermush Festival” While Ignoring Restaurant Carry

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NC Senate Creates “Livermush Festival” While Ignoring Restaurant Carry

North Carolina –-( They had plenty of time to pass SB 236 “An Act…designating the Shelby Livermush Festival as the official Fall Livermush Festival of the State of North Carolina…” but now claim to be too busy with budget issues to fix the problem of defenseless families in restaurants.

They apparently need additional feedback from us.

Let’s create an event of our own: NC Senate “Feedback Day” to be held tomorrow, June 13th from 9 – 11 am.

During this time call President Pro Tem Phil Berger and Rules Chair Tom Apodaca. Tell them if they have time for Livermush Festivals, they have time for Restaurant Carry. If you can’t call during the morning hours, call when you can and remind them they work for us and we are watching them carefully!

As Rules Chair, Senator Apodaca has control of what bills are heard and what bills are not. He has been claiming he is not “Finance Chair” which is a dodge. If he tries this with you, tell him you KNOW he’s in control and he will be held responsible if HB 111 doesn’t move.


  • CALL PRESIDENT PRO TEM PHIL BERGER (919.733.5708) & RULES CHAIR TOM APODACA (919.733.5745): Tell them to send HB 111 to the Senate floor IMMEDIATELY!
  • EMAIL ALL SENATE REPUBLICANS using the copy-and-paste email list and message below to deliver either the pre-written message or your own.
  • HELP GRNC DEFEND GUN RIGHTS: We are now reaching over 60,000 gun owners with every alert (like this one).


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(Suggested subject line: “IF YOU HAVE TIME FOR LIVERMUSH, YOU CAN MOVE HB 111”)

Dear Republican Senator:

House Bill 111 (“Amend Firearms Law”) would give restaurant employees and patrons the means to defend themselves against violent thugs, yet Senate Republican leadership is trying to stall the bill to death with unnecessary committee referrals instead of sending it to the floor for a vote.

Media reports indicate that the Finance Committee claims to be too busy working on the budget to consider HB 111, and yet you have had time to pass bills creating official butterflies and “Livermush Festivals”. Please adjust your priorities and move HB 111 to the Senate floor.

Senate Republicans need to do the right thing: Stop restaurant homicide by sending HB 111 immediately to the Senate floor for a vote. I will be monitoring this issue via Grass Roots North Carolina legislative alerts.



Use the power of social media to make your voice heard! Click on the link below to “Tweet” to Senate leaders.

Butterflies & Livermush Festivals more important than self defense rights @SenatorBerger? #GRNC #NCPOL #NCGA

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