Hypocrite Chuck Schumer Adds Magazine Restriction Amendment to Cyber Security


Chuck Schumer seen enjoying time shooting a Tech 9 Assault Pistol with a high cap magazine.
Chuck Schumer seen enjoying time shooting a Tech 9 Assault Pistol with a high cap magazine.

New Jersey –-(Ammoland.com)- Gun Grabber and hypocritical elitist NY State Senator Chuck Schumer added an Amendment banning all belts, magazines, or other firearms feeding devices over a 10 round capacity yesterday to a pending Cyber Security Bill.

As I have previously pointed out, this proposal goes even further than the now expired 1994 to 2004 Federal “Assault Weapons Ban“, in that it bans the manufacture, sale, transfer, or possession of these legal firearms accessories if the Cyber Bill with Schumer’s Amendment becomes law, unless one owned them prior to the date the law would take effect.

No mention is made of how exactly a law-abiding citizen would be required to prove they owned such items prior to an arbitrary date. People don’t generally keep receipts for such things for very long, if at all. So, if the worst came to pass and the magazine ban becomes law, will tens of millions of law-abiding citizens be forced to destroy or turn in their lawfully purchased and legally owned property simply because they can’t prove when they acquired it?

Then there’s the fact, if Citizens are required to turn in or destroy their property to come into compliance, will they be compensated for their losses? If so, by who? How? Who decides what the items are worth? Large numbers of firearms owners have significant amounts of money invested in their collections and accessories. What about the Constitutional hazard of such a clear “ex-post-facto” law?

Wait, this is Chuck Schumer after all, he and his fellow tyrants in the Gun Control movement dont care about such pesky details like the Constitutionality of what they want or its consequences. After-all, following the law is something for “the little people”, not Elitist’s like Schumer and his co-conspirator’s.

Schumer is the poster boy for hypocritical elites and their views towards Citizens. He never misses a chance to clamor for more Gun Control, but famously had an apparently very enjoyable time firing a gun, one that would fall under any new “assault weapons ban”, equipped with a magazine he now wants banned.

Then there’s the somewhat more famous case of the testimony given by Dr Suzanna Hupp before a Congressional Panel on Gun Control in the wake of the Luby’s Cafeteria Massacre, in which she lost her parents to deranged gunman George Hennard. Schumer sat on the panel Hupp testified before and can be clearly seen arrogantly rolling his eyes with abundant disdain when Hupp pointed out to the panel that the Second Amendment is NOT about ” hunting“, or “sport“, its about the right of Americans to protect themselves from tyranny at the hands of government.

A government populated with people like Chuck Schumer, people that never hesitate to consolidate power, people like Chuck Schumer, that don’t hesitate to do everything they can to ensure Americans will be unable to effectively fight back when they decide to take away just a few more rights.

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Chip Berlet

Hello William Flatt. I am the actual Chip Berlet, and this is my first post on this site. "Ok, Chip Berlet, we know when you’re posting by the style of rhetoric you use…one of the celebrated left-wing haters of freedom and those who love liberty." No. Not me. I am a board member of the Defending Dissent Foundation, and I help protect liberty…even for people like you.


The 2nd Amendment was put in the Constitution to protect the citizens from tyrannical government. Our government is clearly becoming tyrannical. When they try to take away our freedoms, that is when the light the match. I am a 4th generation veteran and will not tuck my tail and let Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, Soros, and their ilk turn us into the government from 1984. I will not start the fight, but if they force it on us, I will stand up for my country and the Constitution.

D Bruce Smith

Roger that.

William Flatt

@Militia Morons Make Me Laugh: Ok, Chip Berlet, we know when you’re posting by the style of rhetoric you use. At the least, you are imitate the style of one of the celebrated left-wing haters of freedom and those who love liberty; someone who doesn’t let facts get in the way of slandering those who don’t share your views. The militia doesn’t have an itch to shoot cops, so fark you and the horse you rode in on. A number of us are cops, and have had the privilege of wearing the badge for most of our adult lives. If… Read more »


@militia morons make me laugh…the previous comment was directed at you sir.


@military morons make me laugh…You made reference to the people in your state being "liberal nuts"…You have said nothing of your own political preferences..you dont have to..we can all see it without you telling us. You started dropping insults and spewing nonsense as soon as historical facts were placed on front of you. All liberals do that. Your a Democrat…and you cant hide it. The posts you are lashing out about clearly stated "tyranical" government. No responsible armed citizen would ever attack a policeman with a firearm. In fact, I am willing to bet ANY legal gun owner who is… Read more »


@Militia Morons Make Me Laugh. You clearly entitled to your opinions, regardless of how ignorant of history they might be. Personally, its people like you, that ALWAYS say " you'll never win, so why bother " , that make me smile and cry at the same time . Smile, because such statements reveal how truly ignorant they are about the history of guerrilla warfare around the globe, throughout history, of how a smaller, much less well equipped has been successful against their enemy/oppressor. Comments like yours reveal how little someone really knows of the character of most cops and military… Read more »

Milita Morons Make M

@regular morons make me laugh What didn't I read?? I spelled out everything crystal clear. There was no conclusion drawn that was not interpreted through the original posters. I love it when people like you get their internet diplomas, trying to explain law and other things that are way above your pay grade. You are trying to justify their comments with nonsense. You know nothing about how a government works or where to start with the overthrowing of one. It would be cowards like you that would attack cops at what you believe is tyrannical behavior. Who is to dictate… Read more »

regular morons make

@Milita Morons Make Me Laugh It truly is people like you who jump to conclusions and don't even bother READING or attempting to understand what someone is saying before spewing out nonsense that has nothing to do with the original statement who make me laugh, as well as die a little bit inside over the direction quite a few people seem to be heading. Neither of the people I saw agreeing with the right to bear arms said anything about immediately going out and killing law enforcement. They both agreed "if they turn to tyrannical behavior," and "Citizens Right to… Read more »

Milita Morons Make M

I love to see you idiots try to overthrow the government. I would love a front row seat to that. You guys are the type of idiots that will try to shoot up cops, thinking you're fighting the good fight. Do cops make laws? No, of course not. They are, by the definition of their very existence, law ENFORCEMENT. There is no justifiable reason to even speak of shooting cops or any other law enforcement agents. With your belief that you are exercising your constitutional right, with the implied belief that you can shoot cops and other law enforcement agents,… Read more »


Sorry Ethan, but Robert is right. And I also will no longer pretend the Second Amendment ISNT about the Citizens Right to overthrow tyrannical govt. Thats its foundation, its why the Founders put it there, the facts and the historical records are on our side, not theirs and I will no longer treat that as if its taboo or verboten to speak about openly. And if the Anti's dont like it, to damn bad.


Chuck Schumer is the biggest ass in the Senate. If I were a New Yorker I'd be embarassed. As it is I have to put up with Menendez and Lautenburg who are almost as bad. Hopefully we'll be done with Menendez in November. And Robert, Lets stop the shooting the law talk. It's talk like that that gives ammo to the anti's

robert dare

the 2nd amendment isnt about huntin it is about shooting all federal and state police or defense agencies if they turn to tyrannical behavior, most ppl do not want to hear that but it is what it is. i wont turn a single thing in , not a single gun, not a bullet not a single "high" capacity magazine. a high capacity magazine is any magazine not originally intended for that weapon system and example would b any capacity detatchable magazine for the SKS since it wasnt designed for a magazine, but a 33rd magazine for a glock isnt high… Read more »