Hypocrite Elitist Chuck Schumer Adds Magazine Restriction Amendment to Cyber Security Bill

Chuck Schumer seen enjoying time shooting a Tech 9 Assault Pistol with a high cap magazine.
Chuck Schumer seen enjoying time shooting a Tech 9 Assault Pistol with a high cap magazine.
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

New Jersey –-(Ammoland.com)- Gun Grabber and hypocritical elitist NY State Senator Chuck Schumer added an Amendment banning all belts, magazines , or other firearms feeding devices over a 10 round capacity yesterday to a pending Cyber Security Bill.

As I have previously pointed out, this proposal goes even further then the now expired 1994 to 2004 Federal “Assault Weapons Ban“, in that it bans the manufacture, sale, transfer or possession of these legal firearms accessories if the Cyber Bill with Schumers Amendment becomes law, unless one owned them prior to the date the law would take effect.

No mention is made of how exactly a law-abiding Citizen would be required to prove they owned such items prior to an arbitrary date. People don't generally keep receipts for such things for very long, if at all. So, if the worst came to pass and the magazine ban becomes law, will 10's of millions of law-abiding Citizens be forced to destroy or turn in their lawfully purchased and legally owned property simply because they cant prove when they acquired it?

Then there's the fact, if Citizens are required to turn in or destroy their property to come into compliance, will they be compensated for their losses? If so, by who? How? Who decides what the items are worth? Large numbers of firearms owners have significant amounts of money invested in their collections and accessories. What about the Constitutional hazard of such a clear “ex-post facto” law?

Wait, this is Chuck Schumer after all, he and his fellow tyrants in the Gun Control movement dont care about such pesky details like the Constitutionality of what they want or its consequences. After-all, following the law is something for “the little people”, not Elitist's like Schumer and his co-conspirator's.

Schumer is the poster boy for hypocritical elites and their views towards Citizens. He never misses a chance to clamor for more Gun Control, but famously had an apparently very enjoyable time firing a gun, one that would fall under any new “assault weapons ban”, equipped with a magazine he now wants banned.

Then there's the somewhat more famous case of the testimony given by Dr Suzanna Hupp before a Congressional Panel on Gun Control in the wake of the Luby's Cafeteria Massacre, in which she lost her parents to deranged gunman George Hennard. Schumer sat on the panel Hupp testified before and can be clearly seen arrogantly rolling his eyes with abundant disdain when Hupp pointed out to the panel that the Second Amendment is NOT about ” hunting“, or “sport” , its about the right of Americans to protect themselves from tyranny at the hands of government.

A government populated with people like Chuck Schumer, people that never hesitate to consolidate power, people like Chuck Schumer, that don't hesitate to do everything they can to ensure Americans will be unable to effectively fight back when they decide to take away just a few more rights.

About Dan Roberts
Dan Roberts is a grassroots supporter of gun rights that has choosen AmmoLand Shooting Sports News as the perfect outlet for his insiteful articles on Guns and Gun Owner Rights.

As a resident of the oppressive state of New Jersey he is well placed to be able to discuss the abuses of government against our inalienable rights to keep and bear arms as he writes from deep behind NJ's Anti-Gun iron curtain. Dan Roberts or you can email Dan your thoughts at [email protected] .

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    1. Hello William Flatt. I am the actual Chip Berlet, and this is my first post on this site. “Ok, Chip Berlet, we know when you’re posting by the style of rhetoric you use…one of the celebrated left-wing haters of freedom and those who love liberty.” No. Not me. I am a board member of the Defending Dissent Foundation, and I help protect liberty…even for people like you.

    2. The 2nd Amendment was put in the Constitution to protect the citizens from tyrannical government. Our government is clearly becoming tyrannical. When they try to take away our freedoms, that is when the light the match. I am a 4th generation veteran and will not tuck my tail and let Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, Soros, and their ilk turn us into the government from 1984. I will not start the fight, but if they force it on us, I will stand up for my country and the Constitution.

    3. @Militia Morons Make Me Laugh:
      Ok, Chip Berlet, we know when you’re posting by the style of rhetoric you use. At the least, you are imitate the style of one of the celebrated left-wing haters of freedom and those who love liberty; someone who doesn’t let facts get in the way of slandering those who don’t share your views.

      The militia doesn’t have an itch to shoot cops, so fark you and the horse you rode in on. A number of us are cops, and have had the privilege of wearing the badge for most of our adult lives. If there are police out there who’re criminally violating the rights of average people, their office does not make them untouchable or immune. If I came home and found some men in police uniforms raping my wife, and forcing her to submit by holding guns to the heads of my children, would I not be entitled to kill them on the spot? In Indiana, that is within the extent of our Castle Law, I would be entitled. In the world you would have us inhabit, people would be powerless to defend themselves against the criminal class, and those who refuse to be victims would be unjustly assigned to the status of criminal.

      Conversely, the constitutional militia will not hesitate to work with Sheriffs, Marshals & other lawmen who obey the Constitution when we uncover threats to the safety & liberty of our fellow citizens, even if it means turning in some self-appointed wannabe ‘militia’ types who have vowed to respect/obey no authority whatsoever.

      Fellow patriots, allow me to explain: There are two types of militia group in this country. There are constitutional militias with a Unified Chain of Command such as the Michigan Militia, or the Indiana Militia. These are the good guys, the ones you can count on, who will defer to a civilian representative authority such as the Continental Congress and Committees of Safety, or the Sheriff in local situations. Then there are the self-appointed, ‘leaderless resistance’ cellular groups with no chain of accountability, little or no operational security, and even though this form of organization is supposed to be hard to infiltrate, they fail to adhere to some basic rules for civilian underground resistance. As a result, they’re as easy to infiltrate as an Occupy Wall Street protest (another fine example of ‘leaderless resistance’). So they get set up and taken down, and every now and again a rather pathetic group of wannabes ends up on the 11 O’clock news. They’re not the real militia, but you liberal pukes would use them to scare good Americans away from their patriotic brethren.

      BUT… as misguided as these souls may be, their ineptitude, incorrect attitudes, and other objectionable opinions or beliefs included, those wannabe pseudo-militia types are still preferable as company compared to you sir, Mr.”Militia Morons Make Me Laugh”. Because *you* are a STATIST MORON who doesn’t make any patriot laugh, and whose failed arguments barely warrant rebuttal, except to educate the heretofore ignorant among us.

      This country is lurching toward economic collapse and civil war, and Homeland Insecurity has already launched an all-out effort to prepare the federal, state & local government for the paramilitary suppression of discontent & dissidence of Americans who’re fed-up with this out-of-control regime. They are prepared to use unlimited amounts of violence and terror to wage war on the American people; the evidence of which is all over the internet… cameras, NSA wiretapping, TSA porno scanners & blue-gloved molesters, directed-energy weapons, other military grade future-tech earmarked for domestic law enforcement agencies, tanks & armored cars, drones, and 1 BILLION rounds of gov’t small-arms ammunition purchases over the last 6 years, for ammunition that cannot be lawfully used in international conflicts (in other words, it’s earmarked for domestic use) – with another 750 million rounds to be ordered in the coming months! There’s more, but I want to stay on track…

      Moving along…

      Your outright disrespect for the Constitution, which IS the highest law of the land, and the freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights shows perfectly where you stand on the issues. You apparently would throw out due process for those whom you feel are unworthy of it, and with crapola like NDAA, the Enemy Expat Act, Patriot Acts 1/2/3, and all of the other EO’s & police state legislation; I think that those who love liberty & the rule of REAL law, and limited republican government… are all entitled to a fair degree of suspicion in these times. If staying free means having to organize into well-organized (regulated) irregular defense units, then so be it. But we won’t be the ones to fire the first shot, as it was at Lexington, but we’ll hold, we will retain the moral high ground.

      As for your comments about martial law, there’s ample evidence to show that the police will be partnered with soldiers (up to 3 or 4 soldiers per policeman). This gives the cop with authoritarian tendencies the sense of being well-supported and will carry out the orders from on high, believing that his family will be personally protected by his fellow jackbooted thugs. If the officer has a strong sense of obedience to the Constitution, the presence of these kinds of troops will VERY likely dampen his courage to resist an illegal order (a bullet in your back can ruin your day), and as we all know – every cop’s object is to make it home in one piece at the end of the shift. He will also be intimidated into complying for fear that the JBT’s will do something to his family while he’s away.

      I have spoken to a few federal agents who were pro-liberty and had great reverence for the Constitution. After asking why they hadn’t used their federal arrest authority to bring the criminal elites to justice, when (at the time) the number of Constitution-respecting agents was still fairly large (this was around 1993-1994), my friends explained that such a plan was unworkable because, as they had put it, ‘their families would be dead long before they could get home’. I didn’t know it when I was younger, but there were (are) other units… that are specifically tasked with that job. The existence of these other forces is to insure that federal agents don’t develop a group or UC task force for the purpose of arresting the nation’s chief criminals. This counter-force likely consists of teams of contractors paid from the shell account of dummy corporations. This has been independently verified, too, and not some fantasy.

      The likelihood that a martial law scenario will happen is not the ravings of a paranoid lunatic. The amount of time, energy and resources devoted to it shows that the government is really going to do it (with a good pretext provided in advance, so people are encouraged to go along with it). To understand WHY it WILL happen, one must understand the politics of global order and the internationalists’ plans.

      Also, we don’t pick & choose what parts of the Constitution we like & discard the rest. That is an unfounded claim by Chip Berlet that has never been proven, is prejudicial and was calculated to shut down reasoned discussion about militias & the Constitution. It’s all good, as they say. Yet it is the far left, the statists, who diss the Constitution as being outdated, irrelevant, etc. It is the far left that craps on the 2nd Amendment, ignores the 10th, and lionizes the 1st. They – and you – are guilty of the very charge you fling at militias. SHAME ON YOU.

      Finally, I’ll concur with what D Roberts said already, but I think he was too gentle with the likes of you, because your words reek of an unreasoning anti-Americanism that cannot be apologized for. My suggestion to you would be to pack your bags immediately, and move to Canada where your intellectual diarrhea stands a small chance of being tolerated.

    4. @military morons make me laugh…You made reference to the people in your state being “liberal nuts”…You have said nothing of your own political preferences..you dont have to..we can all see it without you telling us. You started dropping insults and spewing nonsense as soon as historical facts were placed on front of you. All liberals do that. Your a Democrat…and you cant hide it. The posts you are lashing out about clearly stated “tyranical” government. No responsible armed citizen would ever attack a policeman with a firearm. In fact, I am willing to bet ANY legal gun owner who is legally carrying a gun would give his or her own life to protect a law enforcement officer that was being attacked in their presence. As a sidenote just for your informational purposes, your assesment of the police and government crushing out resistance while you watch from a front row seat is completely juvenile thinking once again with no study of factual history…one more reason we know your a very liberal democrat…liberals do NOT study or learn from history…it is a trait most of your kind share. Since you are unable or unwilling to look at facts yourself, let me provide you with a couple you may have heard of. Vietnam…Afghanistan…the two longest wars this country has ever fought. Both of which we were/are fighting a vastly smaller enemy that has no war machine support mechanism or never ending checkbook. Simply people that beleive in what they are fighting for and are willing to die for those beleifs. Do some study of history and actual facts before you try to make yourself sound like an authority on the subject being discussed.

    5. @Militia Morons Make Me Laugh.

      You clearly entitled to your opinions, regardless of how ignorant of history they might be. Personally, its people like you, that ALWAYS say ” you’ll never win, so why bother ” , that make me smile and cry at the same time . Smile, because such statements reveal how truly ignorant they are about the history of guerrilla warfare around the globe, throughout history, of how a smaller, much less well equipped has been successful against their enemy/oppressor. Comments like yours reveal how little someone really knows of the character of most cops and military members, who swore an Oath to the Constitution, NOT to a person or political party, and are willing to give up their lives if necessary to defend that Oath. Try reading about the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto and what they did to the Nazi’s with very few weapons. Or read some Solzhenitsyn, someone who lived under tyranny and what he wrote about how those who went along quietly regretted after it was to late, not taking action against the Agents of the Soviet Union that came to take them away.

      Your comments sadden me, because they illustrate just how meek, how conditioned as a society we have become to “follow orders”, to not challenge authority, to not be willing to stand up and fight. I hope the day never comes, but if and when it does, I would rather go out, fighting on my feet for what I believe in, then live on my knee’s. And there’s MILLIONS of other Americans that feel the same.

    6. @regular morons make me laugh

      What didn’t I read?? I spelled out everything crystal clear. There was no conclusion drawn that was not interpreted through the original posters. I love it when people like you get their internet diplomas, trying to explain law and other things that are way above your pay grade. You are trying to justify their comments with nonsense. You know nothing about how a government works or where to start with the overthrowing of one. It would be cowards like you that would attack cops at what you believe is tyrannical behavior. Who is to dictate that type of use of force?? And do you really believe that the local law enforcement officers would be part of any type of martial law initiated by the government while they have family members in the communities?? You and your pals ideas of protecting yourself against your government are pipe dreams. Like I said, I would love a front row seat to watch nuts like you take on the army and such. Also, I notice you didn’t even address anything about due process or how stale some of the amendments of the constitution are. Once again it is people like you that pick and choose what suits them from a total piece of work. Make no mistake, I understand what they are trying to say, I just know it is unrealistic on the scale they are speaking about. It is unbelievable that people like them exist. It’s is even more sad that people like you will defend them.

    7. @Milita Morons Make Me Laugh
      It truly is people like you who jump to conclusions and don’t even bother READING or attempting to understand what someone is saying before spewing out nonsense that has nothing to do with the original statement who make me laugh, as well as die a little bit inside over the direction quite a few people seem to be heading. Neither of the people I saw agreeing with the right to bear arms said anything about immediately going out and killing law enforcement. They both agreed
      “if they turn to tyrannical behavior,” and “Citizens Right to overthrow tyrannical govt.” . And though the choice of words could have been better chosen, the idea behind them isn’t. You think your government can’t be corrupted? By your own words do you think YOU can see the future? That there will never be a time you need to defend yourself and/or your family against any enemy yes, possibly your OWN government. The whole point was, back then it was illegal. And the forefathers chose to ignore those laws and fight the ‘tyrannical government’ and in fighting for our freedom and birth of our nation made sure that the right to defend yourself would NEVER be illegal again.

      So I don’t see either one of them claiming ‘go out and shoot someone, overthrow our government right now!!’ But I do understand what they are trying to say.

    8. I love to see you idiots try to overthrow the government. I would love a front row seat to that. You guys are the type of idiots that will try to shoot up cops, thinking you’re fighting the good fight. Do cops make laws? No, of course not. They are, by the definition of their very existence, law ENFORCEMENT. There is no justifiable reason to even speak of shooting cops or any other law enforcement agents. With your belief that you are exercising your constitutional right, with the implied belief that you can shoot cops and other law enforcement agents, you are taking away the constitutional right of due process for the officers. The problem with people like you is that you only want to understand and employee certain areas of the constitution. It’s dopes like you that believe a 200 year+ old document is perfect and needs to be interpreted literally. Were the founding fathers perfect?? Did they have a way to see the future, knowing what they were doing was perfect?? There needs to be adjustments on all things over time, even the second amendment. I’m in no way implying restricting gun sales, high capacity mags, or any modifications. Some things are going to have to change in the way gun business gets done though. I live in the disgustingly liberal New York and I hate all of these anti-gun nuts. But they are the same extreme as you militia, overthrowing idiots. They are just on the other side of the spectrum. Like I said in the beginning, you may shoot a cop, thinking you are starting a revolution, but it would be for nothing. Just the cost of an innocent family mans life most probably. Maybe even a vet that served our country to ensure you keep your rights. But for you to use your weapons to overthrow our government, our military, our Commander in Chief, is laughable. You may give them your ammo one round at a time, but you will get it thousands of times over in return.

    9. Sorry Ethan, but Robert is right. And I also will no longer pretend the Second Amendment ISNT about the Citizens Right to overthrow tyrannical govt. Thats its foundation, its why the Founders put it there, the facts and the historical records are on our side, not theirs and I will no longer treat that as if its taboo or verboten to speak about openly. And if the Anti’s dont like it, to damn bad.

    10. Chuck Schumer is the biggest ass in the Senate. If I were a New Yorker I’d be embarassed. As it is I have to put up with Menendez and Lautenburg who are almost as bad. Hopefully we’ll be done with Menendez in November. And Robert, Lets stop the shooting the law talk. It’s talk like that that gives ammo to the anti’s

    11. the 2nd amendment isnt about huntin it is about shooting all federal and state police or defense agencies if they turn to tyrannical behavior, most ppl do not want to hear that but it is what it is. i wont turn a single thing in , not a single gun, not a bullet not a single “high” capacity magazine. a high capacity magazine is any magazine not originally intended for that weapon system and example would b any capacity detatchable magazine for the SKS since it wasnt designed for a magazine, but a 33rd magazine for a glock isnt high capacity. if it is a factory magazine it isnt high capacity it is standard. Aftermarket magazines are typically high capacity.

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