The Bayonet’s Combat Versatility – Setting the Record Straight

Bayonet Combat Versatility
The Bayonet’s Combat Versatility – Setting the Record Straight
Shooting Illustrated
Shooting Illustrated

Fairfax, VA –-( Former SOF sniper Kenan Flasowski sets the record straight on the bayonet’s combat versatility in his latest installment on

“In today’s tech-heavy world, one can see how easily the untrained, the uninformed and the uneducated could assume something as traditional as the bayonet is no longer needed or carried by our nation’s Combat Arms troops,” he writes.

“Obviously, the primary use of the bayonet is to run it through the enemy or slash him open, depending on situation, so we will skip right to ancillary uses.”

Those other uses, according to Flasowski’s tongue-in-cheek look, include: communication, predator control, advertising, cooking, gun storage, marksmanship enhancement and to impress the opposite sex.

However, his satire helps drive home an important point often overlooked by those who have never stood on the front line of freedom.

“I for one feel the mindset and character enhancement that good, old-fashioned bayonet training provides is invaluable to young, aspiring warriors.”

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"The uninformed and the uneducated" assume a lot of things. But even those who are informed and educated (in this case on the topic of bayonets) assume a lot of things.


This s@#@ again? The President said FEWER!!! FEWER YOU IDIOTS!!! Do you not understand what the word FEWER means?