Brady Campaign Caught Red-Handed – Their Desperation & Deceit is Clear

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Brady Campaign Caught Red-Handed queuing up lies
Brady Campaign Caught Red-Handed queuing up lies and rhetoric before the 1st Presidential Debate. Here is the before screenshot.
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AmmoLand Gun News

New Jersey –-( The Brady Campaign went through a re-shuffling of the deck chairs last Spring with the exit of former President Paul Helmke and the appointment of Dan Gross to the position.

For those that dont follow issues such as this closely, this was a subtle signal by the Brady Bunch that they have resigned themselves to the fact that they are no longer relevant from a political point of view, as Helmke had at least some level of political experience as the former Mayor of Ft Wayne Indiana.

The appointment of Gross, a former marketing and advertising executive from Bloomberg’s Nanny State signals the Brady Bunch’s strategy shift to trying to use Madison Avenue tactics to attempt to “sell” the idea of ever stricter Gun Control to the American People, hoping that those that are fooled by a clever marketing strategy will then apply pressure to their elected officials.

The only reason to adopt such a strategy is when you recognize you have lost all direct influence, or even ability to sway anyone on either side of the political aisle.

In the aftermath of the Aurora Colorado Massacre, and with the knowledge that the first Presidential Debate of the 2012 Election would be held near by, The Brady’s kicked off their first marketing campaign under Ad Exec Gross, pushing hard via Facebook, Twitter and petition drives to get people to lobby debate moderator Jim Lehrer to bring up the issue of Gun Control during the debate.

Anyone watching last night’s debate already knows the result. The Brady Campaign got nothing for all their efforts. Their ad campaign to inject gun control politics into a debate that was rightly centered on the worst economy in generations was a complete and utter failure, a marketing blunder on par with New Coke when measured for its effectiveness and achievement ( or lack there of) of reaching its stated goal.

Brady Campaign Caught Red-Handed queuing up lies and rhetoric
Brady Campaign Caught Red-Handed queuing up lies and rhetoric before the 1st Presidential Debate. Here is the after screenshot.

Worse for them, the Brady Bunch have been caught red-handed flat out lying to supporters and mere observers of their Face Book Wall last night when the Presidential Debate ended.

Desperately scrambling to salvage whatever they could from the wreckage of their failed marketing efforts, The Brady Campaign’s Facebook wall had this post.

Did you see that readers? This whoops by the Brady Clowns shows someone hit the publish button to early with claims that Gun Control WAS mentioned during the debate! Once again, gun control supporters are caught red handed telling a lie of epic proportions for all the World to see. A bit later in the evening, someone was desperately scrubbing the Facebook Wall of any traces of their lies, but by then it was far to late, as the evidence of their duplicity had already been collected and archived.

Debate Moderator Jim Leher may be pleased though, he should probably be drafting a Thank You Card to Dan Gross and Co, since most accounts of his moderating performance last night are so critical.

The Brady Campaign’s public Thank You to Leher, for an event that never happened, is one of the few positive comments he’s hearing today.

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Brady Campaign people, why don't you ever speak out about the police shooting of the unarmed innocent civilians? Is that not gun violence too?


If the Obummer wins, they will first register the guns, then total confiscation..Germany, Austria, Australia, Now the folks in Venezuelan have voted for Socialism..The people here care less, a majority is asleep….

Civil war, "the blood from the whip was paid for by the blood of the sword." The blood of 55 million unborn will be paid for by the blood of the sword..Obummer is one of the instruments to complete this punishment of this stupid country that has lost God! We have accelerated our trip away from God since 911–and there will be another warning soon….


“We represent the 87 percent of Americans who want better and stronger policies to prevent gun violence” Maybe that statement means that of the Americans who are in favor of fun, er. . . gun control, the Brady Campaign is claiming to represent 87%. Even that number seems extremely optimistic to me. And the minority of Americans in favor of gun control appears to be shrinking by the day, too. So, who knows? Pretty soon, their real membership might just be 87% of those who are left in their misguided attempts to circumvent the 2nd Amendment. Ah well, one can… Read more »


Surely not surprised at this. But these people never stop and never will.

They are relentless in their agenda even though it will likely result in a second Civil War in this country.

You can be sure when Obama is reelected, guns are one of the first things on HIS agenda. F&F was only the first attempt to renew the statists cherished Assault Weapons Ban.

They won't give up, of that you can be sure

Mr. Zsaz

"We represent the 87 percent of Americans who want better and stronger policies to prevent gun violence" Now who came up with that number??? You know what, everyone wants less gun violence, but you can't do it at the expense of taking away everyone's rights. The Brady Campaign is completely irrelevant, which I think is why they resort to tactics you'd see with Media Matters and the Southern Poverty Law Center. When you have to resort to such obvious and blatant distortions and lies to push your agenda, you've lost. Get over it, and move on. L. Neil Smith made… Read more »


Well Said Neil!! People need to do their own research on the above mentioned items. What was said by Neil is quite true. Do the Research.


Hey Brady Campaign, If you want to make the streets safer for everyone, how about hold those that comit murder and other violent heinous acts against the sheeple accountable. If you use a weapon of any sort in a crime you get a minimum of 50 years of federal time. If your actions result in a death during your crime or during the time spent evading law enforcement, you get executed. Take the hospitialization out of executions, make them all public and execute the person in the same manner inwhich they caused the death of the innocent victim. Perhaps then… Read more »

L. Neil Smith

In the beginning, it was all about keeping "undesirables" disarmed: the New York Irish in 1911 didn't want Italians to have guns, so you got the Sullivan Act. The Gun Contro Act of 1968 was written by nervous liberals at a time when many America cities were in flames. California's worst gun laws were passed to try to disarm Asian street gangs. The Brady Act was meant to intmidate potential female gun buyers. The politicians calling for victim disarmament most often are the same ones who always want to raise taxes. At the same time, many a politico like that… Read more »


It never ceases to amaze me the lies deceit and distortion slung by these tyrants in disguise will shovel out. Reminds me of the global cooling/warming/change crowd. Opps forgot same mentality and backers. No wonder!