Did You Make The List? Top 30 Firearms Websites According To Quantcast

Top 30 Firearms Websites According To Quantcast
Did You Make The List? Top 30 Firearms Websites According To Quantcast
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- Lets face it humans love to organize everything in to lists, we are inherently competitive, David Letterman Top Ten is the classic example and the firearms industry is no different.

So when we noticed www.AmmoLand.com was trending in the top thirty firearms related websites on the internet, according to Quantcast, we instinctively had to see who else was in the list.

First, who made the overall Top 10 of every website on the web? Note this is an ever changing list, but this is current as of November 2012. 

Rank Site

  • 1 google.com
  • 2 youtube.com
  • 3 facebook.com
  • 4 msn.com
  • 5 twitter.com
  • 6 yahoo.com
  • 7 amazon.com
  • 8 wikipedia.org
  • 9 microsoft.com
  • 10 huffingtonpost.com


Pretty much as you would expect right, with the disappointing exception of HuffingtonPost.com?

But since we are a newswire focused exclusively on the Firearms, Conservation and Hunting communities we dug farther to see who the fell in and around AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

Some sites who we totally expected to make the list did, others who we would never have expect to make the list, based on the quality and reputation of the site, to our surprise made the cut.

Still other sites that we would have thought should be on the list were way down the bottom, go figure, but then again we did not create the list, we are just relaying the stats as presented.

Did you make the list, here it is as we see it: (note it is a massive list and we could have missed sites, if you find one, leave us a note n the comments and we adjust it)

Rank Site

  • 284 cabelas.com ( Cabelas )
  • 572 gunbroker.com ( GunBroker.com )
  • 857 basspro.com ( Bass Pro )
  • 1511 nagr.org ( National Association For Gun Rights )
  • 1669 midwayusa.com ( MidwayUSA )
  • 1748 cheaperthandirt.com ( Cheaper than Dirt )
  • 2495 gandermountain.com ( Gander Mountain )
  • 2910 budsgunshop.com ( Buds Gun Shop )
  • 3215 ar15.com ( ARFCOM )
  • 3484 ableammo.com ( Able Ammo )
  • 3852 gunauction.com ( GunAuction )
  • 4173 nraila.org ( NRA-ILA )
  • 4952 ruger.com ( Ruger )
  • 5034 gunsinternational.com ( Guns International )
  • 5172 thehighroad.org ( The High Road )
  • 5278 brownells.com ( Brownells )
  • 5304 impactguns.com ( Impact Guns )
  • 5604 smith-wesson.com ( Smith & Wesson )
  • 5947 calguns.net ( CALGUNS Forum )
  • 5955 remington.com ( Remington )
  • 6499 1911forum.com ( 1911 Forum )
  • 6694 nra.org ( NRA )
  • 6755 thetruthaboutguns.com ( The Truth About Guns )
  • 6951 ammoland.com ( AmmoLand Shooting Sports News )
  • 7152 galleryofguns.com ( Gallery of Gun )
  • 9619 northwestfirearms.com ( Northwest Firearms Forums )
  • 10300 shopruger.com ( Ruger Retail Store )
  • 10571 glocktalk.com ( Glock Talk Forum )
  • 11619 savagearms.com ( Savage Firearms )
  • 12363 browning.com ( Browning Firarms )


Not in the top 30 but well worth honerable mentions:

  • 345456 mygunculture.com ( My Gun Culter Blog )
  • 224755 thefirearmsblog.com ( The Firearms Blog )
  • 2001 survivalistboards.com ( Survivalist Board Forums ) Would have made our the top 30 but is not as focused on guns .
  • 102364 saysuncle.com ( Say Uncle Blog )
  • 147641 wallsofthecity.net ( Wall of the City Blog )
  • 818017 gunmartblog.com ( Eric at Gun Mart  Blog)

Anyone who wants to see where they fell in the list can check out the Scrib doc below and let us know if we missed anything.

Reference Source: https://ak.quantcast.com/quantcast-top-million.zip

Quantcast Top Million Websites November 2012

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https://www.gunworld.com | The #1 Handgun and Firearm Resource.


We’re a team of individuals committed to posting data about different weapons. In addition to this, we handle online gun sales, and as a part of this, our expert panel works to extreme levels. Spreading knowledge about weapons is our highest level priority.


Yall missed http://www.deguns.net



concealed carry class



For antique firearms rockislandauction.com is the best.

Neillison Robs

Could you provide me some new gun list so that I can gather more info about new guns? I bought a gun from https://www.casinopawnandguns.com couple of months ago. They were provided me a nice gun. If you provide me new list, I will like to buy a new gun from your shop. I look forward to hearing from you.


Has anybody bought from mametactical.com? Their prices look decent.


Anybody ever bought from Southern Arms Company.com? They seem to have good prices on all their products. I have bought some ammo and mags from them, very quick shipping.


Roger Prentis

Would like to see iAmmo.com on this list next year. They’ve got a great selection of firearms and have always done right by me.

Roger Prentis


Not on the list but worth a look is Louisiana Open Carry Awareness League (LOCAL) at https://www.laopencarry.org .

john goodman

hi, not sure if you forgot to mention a forum dedicated toward firearms on a local level that really does help the island. coming in under 100k on this listing is longislandfirearms.com. they deserve at least a mention for everything they do here. thank you


Amazing that some of the busiest, in my experience, are no where to be found.

LongIslandFirearms (www/longislandfirearms} is one of the best sites I regularly visit and certainly one of the busiest.


Amazed that http://www.LongIslandFirearms.com is not on your listing as honerable mentions.


Yay! Not that far (relatively speaking) below Say Uncle. I can live with that :).

In other news, I guess when a site (not Uncle's, just to be clear) exists exclusively to capitalize on SEO and steal other people's content, it is not hard to get to the top of certain lists…

Aaron Spuler

420383 weapon-blog.com

Lazy Bike Commuter

It's disappointing to see the plagiarizing, lying sacks of crap at "Truth About Guns" on the list.

Ron Larimer

BalloonGoesUp.com tied mygunculture.com at 345456


Wow! I rarely look at rankings, I'm usually busy enough just running the site, but it's nice to see Calguns so high in the ranking!

Not bad for a State forum rather than a National one.


I'd like to think that Dean Safe is worth an honorable mention. http://www.deansafe.com


#4034 thefiringline.com


You might add idpa.com at 89488. IDPA is the International Defensive Pistol Association and is a shooting sport with 21,000 members. IDPA is based on the defensive use of a hand gun.

jerry sweet

man,now i am mad! i didn't see my name.but i digress i don't sell ammo anyway. boy are they stupid.remember patriots once it starts DON"T STOP.after all its only the lives of you and your family.


I think Surplus Rifle.com is the best forum on the web for information on the care and feeding of your surplus military rifle.


Certainly not in the top 30, but has more traffic than some of your honorable mentions:


Find in-stock ammo at the best prices, fast!


gunandgame.com 6097


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Bill rice

Jesus Christ, please tell me english is not your first language.. I dont have a $&*%ing clue what you said.

Walter Goddard

I think he’s saying that he wants the confiscated/illegal guns melted down into community projects…
Perhaps from reading about Bench Made? Not wanting anyone who sells guns to have them…