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Cut and paste the letter below (edit if you so desire) and send as soon as possible.

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We are in the fight of our lives my friends….God help us all.

Dear Elected Official,

It is my understanding that the President of the United States has decided to take on the issue of Gun Rights for Americans as a result of the recent tragedy in Newtown Connecticut. The President has appointed the Vice President of the United States to lead an administration-wide effort to curb gun violence in America, and has vowed to use “whatever power this office holds” in efforts to prevent “more tragedies like this” referring to the massacre that occurred in Newtown Connecticut.

The Mainstream Media continues to portray that all Americans are asking for gun control as a result of the massacre in Newtown Connecticut. That is not true. A recent Gallup Poll showed Americans feel that an increased police presence at schools, increased government spending on mental health screening and treatment, and decreased depiction of gun violence in entertainment venues would be effective in preventing mass shootings at schools. I encourage you to research this as you draft the way-ahead on curbing gun violence in America.

As my elected official, you will undoubtedly be asked to participate on committee in order to draft a way-ahead to solve the problem of gun violence in America. As my elected officials, you will undoubtedly be asked to vote on potential bill(s) that may affect my gun rights as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America. Specifically, the Second Amendment which reads:

“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

As a law-abiding citizen of the United States of America, it is imperative that you not infringe on my right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the United States Constitution written by the Founding Fathers. It is your responsibility as my elected official to dutifully represent the will of The People, correctly interpret The United States Constitution, and diligently reflect on court cases throughout our proud history as you draft the way-ahead to curb gun violence.
There are approximately 65 million gun owners in the United States who enjoy the protection of our Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment protects their right and the right of every citizen to legally own and operate guns. This right has been protected in courts over the course of a hundred plus years.

The Supreme Court recognized that the right to arms is an individual right in U.S. v. Cruikshank (1876), Presser v. Illinois (1886), Miller v. Texas (1894), U.S. v. Miller (1939) and U.S. v. Verdugo-Urquidez (1990). In U.S. v. Cruikshank, the Court also recognized that the right pre-existed the Constitution. Most recently in 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment, which forbids Congress from infringing the right to keep and bear arms, also applies to state and local governments.

Since our inalienable rights include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we cannot exercise those rights if we are not safe. Self-protection and the ability to fight against tyranny are core values our Founding Fathers believed and embedded within The Constitution. They envisioned a citizenry that must protect itself. The Second Amendment guarantees my right to protect myself and my family.

Attempts to institute a Ban on certain types of weapons is nothing short of telling the American People what type of guns they can own as it pertains to the Second Amendment. What will you do next? Tell the American People what kind of religion they can practice as it pertains to the First Amendment?

Those who oppose our Second Amendment would like for us to believe in a government that protects its people. They would like to strip peaceful citizens of their basic right to safety in an attempt to achieve safe neighborhoods. However, a vibrant democracy demands that we protect ourselves, because we are the embodiment of democracy and government is but our tool. Further regulating gun ownership only affects law-abiding citizens, resulting in criminals operating guns.

As a law-abiding citizen of this great land, it must be said that the focus should rest upon education and the enforcement of current laws. Gun safety education has lowered accidental deaths to less than 1% of all accidental deaths. Therefore, those who willingly use guns irresponsibly must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

As it can be seen, there are choices we must face individually and as a nation. If we decide to give our government too much control, we will be making it an arbiter for determining our fate instead of helping us to determine our own fate. Restricting every citizen’s freedom is a dangerous proposition with grave consequences.

Do we want a larger government that envelopes our lives in the name of safety or do we want a smart government that helps teach us to be responsible and free? Some people believe that we can only be safe when government inhibits our basic freedom, making it harder to protect ourselves. This is a government that evades issues of personal responsibility, holds the actions of criminals against those who are law-abiding, and regulates our lives for us.

Our other choice is that we fashion a smart government that helps teach us to be responsible and free. The millions of Americans who support this view believe that we can only be safe when we are informed of the issues and make decisions for ourselves. These Americans know the danger of fashioning a powerful government and a weak citizenry. Reflect on the war that was fought against England to attain our freedom; remember what risks our Founding Fathers took to obtain a free society and a government that was not intrusive.

I ask you, which government would you rather fashion? Which government helps you to be free?

Reflect on our gun laws and future bills thoughtfully, as the consequences of your decisions will affect the civil rights of every inhabitant within our United States of America. As a constituent, I can make this promise to you…I will donate time and money for campaigns in every upcoming election. I will donate time and money to participate in every grass roots effort to defend the Second Amendment. I will donate time and money to pursue every legal course of action against those who attempt to infringe on my right to keep and bear arms.

Thank you for your time in this matter.



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Even easier to do via the NRA link:


Well Regulated means keeping up with the times!!!! As we moved from muskots and so on, so must the American People can continue to protect themselves from Government Tyranny!!!!


While I agree with 100 of what it says I also think that letter is way too long. I doubt any senator/Congressman or even their aide is going to wade thru all that. Here is the letter I sent to everyone I could find an email for. Feel free to use any/all of it if you choose but PLEASE, write them: (recipient): I share the nationwide grief of the Newtown school murders. It is indeed a terrible tragedy and was made even more so by what should have been a joyous time of year. However, I do not support any… Read more »

Flag Man

There's an old saying that goes "Never argue with a pig; you both get dirty and the pig likes it." Ya'll need to remember that politicians are mainly lawyers or at the least think they are. Whats for sure is they like to talk. They have managed over the last 100 years to talk ya'll out of a lot of your property and rights. That letter up there is talk. The thing they have used against ya'll for a very long time now. Until ya'll put a boot up their ass you're not going to get their attention. Asking them… Read more »


What we need is more laws for the mentally ill we have plenty of gun laws. The shooter was denied 5 times from buying a gun that's why he stole them. Why are schools allowed to put thousands of children on these drugs. Better than 80% of these school shootings the kids were on these drugs. Why is that not the issue. The Aurora shooter was on them he also passed up several theatres to choose one that did not allow conceal carry. You don't hear that in the liberal media. This is a communist plot to take our rights… Read more »



Please do a little research… "well regulated" historically in the context of the time period it was written means 'well equipped'


If you will check the meaning of "a well regulated militia" historically, it DOES NOT have anything to do with control, period. It's original meaning meant a well functioning or well equipped militia. Thus the "shall not be infringed" was added to the second amendment. You may argue with this, but it is historical fact. Oh, by the way, all citizens had military style weapons in the beginning of our republic. Ever shoot a .50 or .54 calibe black powder rifle? Very powerful, let me assure you!


Some points on 2A. The effect of controlling the availability of guns or more correctly what the real goal is to BAN guns would be a direct infringement on the ability for a citizens militia to formed in need as they would not posses the arms nor the the means for training which was expected of the citizens of then and now to have. This is why that is a right that is to not be abridged. When there are more than 20,000 laws already that cover guns They sure that one more will be the right one this time.… Read more »


The second amendment clearly allows for gun control, hence "well regulated".

And Dennis, current proposals aren't to "change the second amendment", they're to curb the availability of specific types of guns and limit the ability for some people (felons and the mentally ill) to acquire them, within the confines of what's allowed by the second amendment.

Lee D

The U.S. is not a democracy. Greece is a democracy. We are a Republic, as is clearly stated in our pledge of allegiance. I like this letter, but I will change the paragraph with democracy in it. You might want to edit that also as most people won't catch that mistake. Thanks for putting this letter out there, I'll stand with you.

Dennis Hosang

I am a Veteran of Vietnam, and it is an insult to me that someone wants to change our 2nd amendment the right to bear arms. People who are elected to office it is their job to help enforce our rights, not change them for their rights. People in office are asking for a cival war, if they try to change our constitution.


Letter sent to Feinstein, Boxer & obaMao.

Sherif Kanafani