Jim River Supplies: Collector Bear Traps – Made in the USA Series

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Jim River Supplies Bear Traps
Jim River Supplies Bear Traps
Jim River Supplies
Jim River Supplies

Vermillion SD, – -(Ammoland.com)- Jim River Supplies, Inc. was founded by Robert Nelson In Vermillion South Dakota. The traps are built from Original Documentation which Bob discovered and purchased.

In the picture above are the three exacting reproduction bear traps we produce. These traps are identical to the period correct originals and completely functional.

These limited production, humongous steel wonders, will be coveted by sportsmen and hunters for years to come and the center peace of any cabin or man cave.

The No. 6 is unbelievably large. Its weight is a whopping 48 lb., and it is 46″ long with a jaw spread of 17″. This size trap was used to catch the largest, most powerful bears. The chain has swivel and a large ring just like the old traps.

This trap commemorates the Americana Fur Company, which was second in size only to Hudson's Bay Company in the 1800's. The pan reads “AMERICAN FUR AND TRADE COMPANY HBC No. 6.” The pan is so large it's like a small frying pan.

Due to the weather, time and the size of these traps, we will not be able to offer the rusty version of this trap. If you want to rust your trap, soak it with salt water once or twice a day for up to two weeks until it's turned to the desired color. Price for the AMERICAN FUR AND TRADE COMPANY HBC No. 6 Bear Trap is $370.00 each.

Denali Fur and Trade Co. HBC, No. 15 Trap
The pan on the No. 15 trap reads “Denali Fur and Trade Co. HBC, No. 15” This trap weighs 24 lb., and is 36″ long with a jaw spread of 12″. The cast jaws are offset and have teeth. The heavy chain has a swivel and a large ring like the old traps.

Each trap has its own serial number. The serial number is stamped on the right hand side of the frame. The No. 6 starts with AFT and the No. 15 starts with DFT. Prices for the Denali Fur and Trade Co. HBC, No. 15 Trap are $245.00 each.

Bronze Northwest Terr. Fur Co Trap
The first is a limited edition of the “Northwest Terr. Fur Co” trap. Only 100 of these traps were produced in 1980. We have procured the original dies and have cast the jaws and pan in bronze. This trap is rare and is a beauty. Few antique brass or bronze traps have survived to be on the market today. History suggests that they may have been the first run of a new series or may have been made for the trap salesman to help show off his wares.

There will only be 400 of these traps made. Each will have its own serial number stamped on the frame to the right of the pan. These traps are completely made in the U.S. using only the finest materials and workmanship. Those who have purchased our #6 trap (American Fur and Trade) with serial numbers under 400 will have preference for a matching number. Other number requests will be honored on a first come basis. Prices for the bronze “Northwest Terr. Fur Co.” are $400.00 each.

Note: Jim River Supplies is a small local business that does not take credit cards, but does build a very unique product that is keeping alive an example of a real historical tool used by the mountain men and others that settled the wild west. Support Jim River Supplies, support American manufacturing and own a piece of history.  

Visit: Jim River Supplies at www.jimriver-traps.com and tell Bob, AmmoLand recommended them.

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    1. enjoying your our website, I have question for you. I have a highland 15 bear trap. I was told that the springs were gone. were would they be on the trap? Can they be purchased? I would like trap to complete THANK YOU FOR HELP AND POSSIBLE COST PIERCE BROWN

    2. Hello I have an old hand forged trap that I believe was made right in my area of maine in the 1800s how do I find info on it and what it would be worth thanks

    3. HI, i have a American fur and trade company bear trap, HBC #6,, has a serial # ATF 1332, CAN YOU TELL ME ,THE YEAR IT WAS MADE, THANKS MIKE

    4. I have an old antique American Fur and Trading Company No. 6 bear trap. How do I find out how old it is and how much it may be worth? Anyone who can help me please shoot me an e-mail. [email protected] Thanks, Val

    5. are your traps fit for bear trapping such as in the state of maine,im intersted in your number 15 for such. i have used Duke #5 beaver traps and spring tempering was very poor and iwould not trust their bear traps if they are like their beaver traps! iwent to go check my beaver sets and two traps were sprung with springs broken on bends on long springs no beaver and broken traps not a good day. Your traps look great and are period corect i study the history of the fur trade and they are up to snuff. also who sells setters for such a trap. looking foward to your reply.

    6. Hi! I’m researching a very old bear trap with the name “J.R. Carrier” either stamped or etched into the base & chain..Research is for the Conneaut Lake, Pa. Historical Society…

      Any info greatly appreciated!!:)


    7. Hello! I have a task at school where im going to write about bear traps, and i was woundering if you could tell me everything u know? Where do bear traps come from, who made the first one, how many use bear traps and so on.
      I will appreciate every answer. Thanks.

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