Maryland Second Amendment Freedom Rally After Action Report, Annapolis Feb 6, 2013

Maryland Second Amendment Freedom Rally 2013
Maryland Second Amendment Freedom Rally 2013
Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association
Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association

Maryland –-(  There have been very important developments in Annapolis regarding Governor O’Malley’s ill-­-judged gun control legislation.

On February 6 2013, the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee held a hearing and received a major surprise -­- perhaps a shock -­- as about two thousand supporters of the Second Amendment rallied in Annapolis in a effort that was well prepared by careful ground work by Shannon Alford of the NRA-­-ILA and other participating organizations, including the Associated Gun Clubs and Maryland Shall Issue, in addition to the Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association.

The rally filled the Lawyer’s Mall completely and we heard legislators and private citizens leave no doubt about where they stood. A er the rally, there were so many people that lined up to enter the Senate Office Building to testify that the line stretched around the block and out of sight. After the hearing had begun, they were forced to close the doors to the Senate Office Building because we had so many people inside filling the “overflow” rooms and winding up the stairs to the JPC office were we signed up to testify. The photo shows the crowd that was not allowed inside. Closing the doors is something that has not happened in recent memory.

One Senator told us today that he had not seen anything like it his fifty plus years in Annapolis.

Shouts of “O’Malley Must Go” could be heard clearly inside the anteroom to the Judicial Proceeding Committee hearing room. Importantly, our supporters were well behaved, presentable and made a good impression on everyone, including the senior police officials who were supporting Governor O’Malley.

This turnout got their attention, probably more so than our fact based testimony. Governor O’Malley has claimed that the NRA has drowned out the voices of Marylanders. Perhaps he will check our citizenship papers at the next rally. In any event, this week worked out as well as we could have hoped, but it is only the opening move. This will be a six week marathon, not a sprint. We need you to mark Friday, March 1 2013 on your calendar when we expect the House JPC to have a hearing and Tuesday, March 5 2013 when we think the Senate JPC will have a second hearing on the Governor’s bill.

It will be critical to sustain the effort. We need you to come on each day, March 1 and March 5 2013 and to bring your family and friends. We will continue to provide updates as amendments to the bill are proposed and circumstances evolve. There will also be moments when we will ask you to call or e-­-mail your representatives or members of the respective Judicial Proceedings Committees.

This will be a major effort and we do not underestimate the sacrifice you will make in taking off work, but the stakes are very high for all of us regardless of race, creed or gender. We do not want to look back later this year and say “If only I had done….” Stand fast and keep your powder dry.


The Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association (MSRPA) is the flagship Gun Rights organization in and for the State of Maryland. The Association offers both individual and club memberships. Support of the shooting disciplines and legislative activities is primarily through a systems of committees. All participants are volunteers.

In the face of a near tidal wave of citizen disarmament occurring in Maryland, the MSRPA has played a critical part in drawing the line and standing firm for Gun Rights. Without this resistance, things would have been much worse and been so much sooner. Now the objective is to continue to develop new activists with numerous individual skills who will help us bring Maryland into line with the rest of the states which have made strong gains in protecting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Visit:

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Actually, the very first person to testify on the ProGun side was an African American. While predominately white male, there were plenty of women and all races in attendance. I was very proud of my fellow Marylanders.


part of the problem with the blacks is that they've been conditioned by the liberal's "house boys", sharpton, jackson and others, and years of jim crow gun laws, to fear guns and anyone who has guns. this is beginning to change, as law abiding black men and women are becoming aware of their rights under "shall issue" concealed carry laws. the same rights enjoyed by law abiding whites. its a slow process but good black folks are waking up and begining to resist being made victims of their criminals, and their leaders


The smell of revolution is the smell of freedom. The larger the crowd, the more they fear it. Just never let your employers know that you are going to these events. Many of them are closet gun grabbers. I have noticed from all the pictures from around the country that blacks do not support their rights to defend themselves. I have not seen one in any of these pictures. So I guess they favor lying down and letting the gang bangers keep on killing them. Well, it's their funeral. Be careful what you wish for. The bad guys are never… Read more »

the smell of revolut

The only thing Napoleon Bonaparte ever feared was the 'angry mob in the street',you guys appear you wern't too angry [yet], and just a teensy weensy little bit of mobbish goes a long to a weak willed politician…aahh the smell of revolution.