Templar Custom Announces New York State Sales Policy

Templar Custom Special Purpose Rifle
Templar Custom Special Purpose Rifle
Templar Custom
Templar Custom

Apex, North Carolina –-(Ammoland.com)- New York State has recently passed the NY SAFE Act, which prohibits law-abiding New York citizens from purchasing and using many of the most common rifles, handguns, and shotguns in the United States, along with most standard magazines made for these firearms.

The law, rammed through the New York legislature in roughly 30 hours before the legislators themselves or the general public could respond, is a blatant violation of the New York State Constitution.

A plain, common-sense reading of the recent Heller decision also shows that the NY SAFE Act is also a blatant and purposefully affront to the Second Amendment of the United States, and is clearly not a constitutional law.

We cannot legally sell rifles to New Yorkers as private citizens.

We will not sell arms to agents of the state of New York that hold themselves to be “more equal” than their citizens.

As long as the legislators of New York think they have the power to limit the rights of their citizens, in defiance of the Constitution, we at Templar will not sell them firearms to enforce their edicts.

Templar Custom is announcing that the State of New York, any Law Enforcement Departments, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders within the State of New York, or any New York State government entity or employee will no longer be served as customers.

We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal. Before the law and before their creator, all people are equal. When the political class attempts to set itself above the people, we at Templar Custom will always side with the people.

We will also be reviewing the laws of the various states to determine if others will be joining New York on our “Do Not Sell” list.

Templar Custom invites all firearms manufacturers, distributors and firearms dealers to join us in this action to refuse to do business with the State of New York. We must stand together, or we shall surely fall divided.

Bob Reynolds
Templar Custom, Inc.

AmmoLand supports and recommends Templar Custom please visit these patriots and support their brand. www.templarcustom.com . If you think SIG, Smith & Wesson, and Glock should do the same you can email them at with the tool found here: https://tiny.cc/k9resw .

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You are setting an excellent example for the rest of the firearms community to follow. I will be sure to spread the word about your exemplary ethics, & I will be giving you the business I previously gave to manufacturers with less cojones than yourselves.

Thank you for putting the people first!


Spot on, Templar


Guys as a Life Member of the NRA, a owner of many rifles, shotguns, pistols and High/Cap Magazines I can on one side of the coin understand what most of you folks post. But as one who likes to step back and look at all sides…Don’t ship Guns and Mags to NY? Why not take thier money. This/these laws will be shot-down as Un-Const. Meanwhile who are you hurting but yourselves. Ship the stuff, make more, ship that too, make a profit, make more etc…

val trevino



matt anthony on February 14, 2013 at 11:02 AM said:

About time! Get the ball rolling! We need bcm, h&k and sig on board. Can I dream for glock. Nypd carries glock 17′s with 17rd mags.

Im an NYPD officer, we carry Glock 19’s with 15rnd mags, if your going to talk have your info correct. Contrary to what everyone seems to think, most of the NYPD does not support these new laws, like all of you i support the second amendment and i am first n foremost a gun advocate.

Glock 19 Pistol


Steve Shattuck you are clearly an idiot. It says right inthe statement you just read they cannot legally do so, but they can refuse to help arm the police, the politicians, and thier security. It is the best move they can make.


On behalf of all of any thank you piss on andy


The list is getting longer. God bless you all.


I’m a Florida resident and I say, God bless! You should add that crap hole New Jersey to your list. It’s almost illegal to breath there. “The right of the people to keep and bear arm shall not be infringed!”


We got it going now patriots , lets just keep punching against all these PEOPLE controllers trying to control us AND our means of self-protection .


Good guy,s can,t have guns, than lets take away the guns from the police. what,s good for one is good for another.


Thank you!


As Americans and lawabiding gun owners,…We approve of this message !

neil tarasoff

What goes around comes around NY. Common, lets see the rest of the gun and ammunition manufacturers do the same thing and CUT OFF NY!


Go Bob!! Bob makes the best custom rifles out there and he is totally correct in taking this stance against New York (or any other state) that decides on a “Do Not Sell” list.


Amen, Templar, Amen! Let’s work on the other big manufacturers! This is exactly the type of Capitalist Activism we need to succeed against the building tyranny in this nation. Templar is so right, no man is “more” equal than any other man. We must fight back or get used to the chains of serfdom. We will not comply with their illegal, unconstitutional and immoral laws any longer!

steve shattuck

how is doing exactly what Cuoma , Bloomberg and the NY socialists want (no guns and ammo in NY) at all a defiant action? you are playing directly into their agendas. The companies that take this approach dumfound me. if you really wanted to make a statement you would do everything you could to flood the market in NY with your product. Massive sales to NY residents. or something. but saying “No Gun Stuff for you” to a state that doesn’t want it? wow….what a stand……


i live 40 miles east of the new york state line, about an hours drive on a winding up and downhill state highway. from now on you will not see me put a wheel over that line, or spend even a dollar in new york state.


Good for them!!!


Thank you for standing for our rights i only hope there are more gun manufactures that will stand against NY State, in recent events here in California (new gun laws} i can only hope that you & others will do the same if they do in fact pass stricter laws than NY passed.

Dave of Apex NC

As a Apex NC resident I couldn’t be more proud of this local Company!

Eric in Sacramento

Bravo! If my California-approved SIG 516 doesn’t get produced before a California ban goes into affect, Templar Custom will be the first place I look for an AR-type rifle…assuming the feds will “allow” it to be so.

matt anthony

About time! Get the ball rolling! We need bcm, h&k and sig on board. Can I dream for glock. Nypd carries glock 17’s with 17rd mags.

dave zuber

As a private citizen of the Police State of Andrew Cuomo, I commend your policy not to sell arms and ammo to NY
Dave Zuber


Tally ho, gentlemen.