White House Puts Politics Over Safety

By Larry Keane

Rahm Emanuel
President Obama conspiring with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
National Shooting Sports Foundation
National Shooting Sports Foundation

NEWTOWN, Conn –-(Ammoland.com)- President Obama delivered his gun control stump speech in his hometown of Chicago last Friday.

He did not acknowledge that he was pressing for new restrictions in the town that makes owning a gun harder than anywhere else in the country, but is still wracked with astronomical levels of violence and killing.

“We may not be able to save every child from gun violence, but if we save a few, that starts changing the atmosphere in our communities,” he said.

The truth is that this White House is making a point of currently not taking specific actions that would help keep children safe – actions that no one has any reason to oppose except for the politics behind them.

Businessweek reporter Paul Barrett outlines these issues in a piece entitled “A Modest Proposal: Firearm Safety Training.” He first notes how the government has spent less than 4 percent of the funding authorized under current law to improve the NICS system. Congress is partly to blame here as well, but full funding of the program has never been part of an Obama budget, either.

Then Barrett discusses a program with the goal of preventing unauthorized access to firearms. Barrett writes that “During the George W. Bush administration, Congress appropriated more than $90 million that was channeled by the Justice Department to Project ChildSafe. That program has distributed 35 million cable-style gun locks with the assistance, in many cases, of local police departments. Each lock comes with a safety brochure and other educational material meant to help parents keep firearms out of the hands of children (or thieves). Under the Obama administration, the Justice Department ceased funding the program, much to the consternation of local cops.”

Barrett offers his own theory as to why: “I strongly suspect that the reason is that Project ChildSafe has been—and still is—administered by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a gun-industry trade group friendly with the NRA. Obviously, the Obama administration has its differences with the gun industry and the lobby representing gun owners. This should not, however, prevent the White House from keeping guns out of kids’ hands.”

Mr. President, you can take action today to save lives by helping to prevent unauthorized access to firearms. There’s no need for more political drama or stump speeches. Just sign a directive restoring funding to Project ChildSafe.

Your own Vice President has told gun control activists to “let us worry about the politics.” But all you have to do here is leave the politics out of it.

About NSSFThe National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association for the firearms industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 6,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen's organizations and publishers. For more information, log on to www.nssf.org.

  • 3 thoughts on “White House Puts Politics Over Safety

    1. Given the hour and the desperate situation this Nation now faces, why are the traitorous politicians violating their oaths of fidelity to the Constitution not being arrested, impeached and punished? Politicians who introduce legislation to disarm the People should be. In Missouri a bill was introduced along these lines, but we already have a process called impeachment.

      In NY, Gov. Cuomo and Senator Skelos should be arrested, impeached and imprisoned for their crime against the People and their infidelity to the Constitution that they swore fidelity to. If this were to happen across the Nation, the forces of disarmament could not so easily influence politicians to violate their oaths. The reason that politicians and judges spend their careers plotting against and outright betraying the People and the Constitution is that no one ever moves to arrest and stop them. If we continue to do business in America the way that we have, can we ever expect different results?

      Why not demand the arrest and impeachment of politicians working to destroy that which they have sworn allegiance and fidelity to? If this became a popular movement, it might be a game changer and put these rats on their best behavior. Tens of thousands of People clamoring for someone’s arrest and prosecution can be very motivational.

    2. This whole thing about safety and to protect the children is nothing but undercover to promote and execute the long established agenda of the left wing, this is the time to implement what euro and comi block countries call the united state have to long the super power in the world, and have been policing the world for to long, as you examine the formula that is being undertaking to do so you will find out, 1- destroy the economy. 2- increase the debt to such high level that it is impossible to recover from the damage in the next 25 to 30 years. 3- reduce the defense to the point that we can not respond to world events to protect our sovereignty. 4- disarm the people in a way that rebellion is not something that the GOV can not manage and crush effectively. Now I am to tell you the only one that can do that is one that does not respect the constitution and the founding fathers of this great country.

    3. That’s what we need more idiotic ideals! We don’t need more NICS; crooks are going to get guns no matter what background checks are performed; how many deaths has NICS prevented. I can safely say, that NICS has not prevented any of the recent massacres. People who want to kill others will do it with guns or without them. Simply put, it’s sightlessness to pursue such red-herrings. Only fools focus on NICS; Americans must remember that infringement of any kind violates the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. NICS is an infringement; with it the government is saying they don’t trust the populace. Yes, they say they’re only trying to weed out the bad apples–and they as we as most Americans realize that crooks don’t use the NICS; they use the black market.

      And as for locks; that’s nobody’s business but the gun owners. If they wish to use a lock that’s up to them–if something happens then they pay the price. Most weapons bought today come with locks. The government is just naturally profligate. Regardless of the owner’s decision, the government has no business spending the tax payer’s money on locks. How about putting locks on kitchen knives, on shovels, on baseball bats? How about our hands–yes, hands are weapons and let’s not forget the much stronger legs and feet. Hands and feet are deadly weapons. What, are we to walk around handcuffed and shackled like prisoners until we have to use the bathroom or eat? Stupid isn’t it?

      The government wants Americans to feel imprisoned. It’s not gun control the government is after; it’s control–control and power in order to treat us in whatever fashion they may wish. A whim or a thought would suffice to make our lives a mockery. It’s always about control and wielding power. If our schools were any good, there would be rifle and pistol education with rifle and pistol competitions as part of the curriculum and all children would be properly trained in using them and in their safe handling not to mention having the USA maintain a dominance in medals at the Olympics when it came to the shooting arts.

      Needless to say, all teachers must be trained and armed in both pistols and semi-automatic rifles; when they’re responsible for children, they’re burdened not only with their education but with their lives…they become in a sense the parents during schools hours. Putting police in the schools is wrong and non-negotiable. It’s so simple. There’s nothing wrong with guns, there’s just much evil in the background; hence, the need to be armed and prepared.

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