Guns Used To Create Art – Think Jackson Pollack meets Dirty Harry & Einstein

The Delutri subArtParticle Collider: Delutri StudioLab unveils the 1st round of Robert Delutri’s 10 Year in-depth ‘Research’ into the use of Guns to Create Art.

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Delutri Flag
Robert Delutri
Robert Delutri

St. Paul, Minnesota –-( Robert Delutri, The Artist Behind The Minnesota High Technology Association’s (MHTA) Tekne Awards, is making public the “Results” of his 10 year Theoretical Aesthetic Research into his use of Guns and “Ballistic Energy” to Manipulate and Inform “Aesthetic Form” in the Creation of Art; ‘Research‘ that is still ongoing!

Do not try this at home!

Question: Does the Right to Bear Arms become a Free Speech Issue if Guns are used as a “High Energy Power Source”, indeed, as “Tools of Creative Expression”?

Delutri’s ‘Research‘ is neither meant to be Pro-Gun nor Anti-Gun. But both sides in the debate tend to shoot themselves in the foot.

Delutri’s 10 years of ‘Research‘ into Weapons and the use of Guns to facilitate his “Ballistic Energy” Powered Theoretical Aesthetic Physics ‘Research‘ has enabled Delutri to gain Insights into Quantum Aesthetic Flux and ‘String Theory’ as his subArtParticle ‘Collider Technology’ harnesses the Ballistic Energy of Guns to Create Art.

(Serious ‘Insight’ that demands a certain tongue in cheek sense of ‘Play’ with the Ideas, Sensibilities and the very ‘Idea’ of Science.)

This will be the first of many announcements introducing different aspects of Delutri’s ‘Research’.

Images and Video of Delutri’s ‘Research Results’ will begin being regularly ‘Published / Exhibited’ via Social Media, starting 03/13/13, using Twitter: @delutri – #GUNSART and Delutri on YouTube.

Through his Delutri StudioLab business, Delutri has been pursuing his Theoretical Aesthetic Research for over 35 years. This announcement has actually been in the works for roughly 8 months, delayed, in deference to the recent Gun Related Tragedies. Delutri’s New ‘Research’ Results will be regularly updated and ‘Published’ weekly, for the foreseeable future, introducing current, new and ongoing ‘Research’, even as he seeks to actively engage and involve Social Media followers in his ‘Research’.

Indeed, due to the need to comply with Gun Law Restrictions (Delutri could not do his ‘Research’ in his back yard), it took Delutri, a Vietnam Veteran with many years of experience with Guns, 3 to 4 years, of the last 10 years, and much travel, just to develop and perfect his High Energy Ballistic subArtParticle Collider, with the necessary safety, containment and control procedures, required to yield the ‘Critical Mass’ of ‘Research Data’ and the substantial ‘Body of Work’ that comprises this “Social Media Publication” of his initial “Research Results“.

Delutri’s Theoretical Aesthetic Research “Results”, both Basic and Applied, are manifested as Video, Mixed Media Constructs, Sculpture, Painting, Drawing and Photography, with additional ‘Research’ into Domains as Art™, which will be introduced in a future Press Release.

Delutri has a long history of exploring the interface between ART, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, having established his first Studio in St. Paul in 1974, creating the prototype of his Sword of Technology in 1987, and having worked with several different MW galleries, including Swanson Gallery for the last twenty five years; he has sold and exhibited his Theoretical Aesthetic Research throughout the Midwest.

Delutri also served on the Board of Trustees of the Minnesota Museum of American Art for nearly 3 years in the late 90’s and as Co-Chair of the Museum’s Artists Forum during that time as well.

Delutri also hosted a Solutional Aesthetic Educational venue for the last 10 years of the MHTA’s Wonders of Technology at the Minnesota State Fair, through 2006, engaging hundreds of thousands of people, over ten years, in the process.

Additionally, Delutri’s early ‘Research’ has been profiled on several MSP television stations, newspapers and Minnesota Public Radio (see link) and Delutri designed and created the Minnesota High Technology Council’s Laser Awards for five years, prior to being commissioned to design, and create for the past dozen years, the MHTA’s current Annual Tekne Award Sculptures.


Delutri’s ongoing ‘Research’ ‘Social Media Exhibit’ updates can be found at @delutri #GUNSART on Twitter and on YouTube:

Appointments to visit Delutri StudioLab to experience Delutri’s ‘Research Results’ first hand will be arranged on a first come basis:

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