It’s George Soros Fault We Have So Little Ammo… NOT!

By Larry Keane

George Soros
George Soros
National Shooting Sports Foundation
National Shooting Sports Foundation

NEWTOWN, Conn –-( The latest Internet rumor has George Soros owning “most of the ammunition manufacturing companies and many arms manufacturers as well.”

It goes on to suggest that Soros and his few remaining competitors are selling new production only to the government, while the civilian market has been relegated to a fast-disappearing stock of old ammunition.

If you’re like me, you check the ammunition shelves in every retailer you visit, and we all have felt the sinking feeling of seeing nothing but empty shelves. The trend is especially acute at the “Big Box” stores where speculators check every day to see if new shipments have arrived overnight.

The gaps in the current ammunition supply are frustrating — but they are not a conspiracy.

Here’s the bottom line. George Soros does not own ANY manufacturers of ammunition or firearms. No manufacturer of either guns or ammunition has been ordered by the government to limit or alter its supply channels. All manufacturers are trying their best to catch up to this market, but it’s a simple matter of supply vs. demand. There is way too much demand for manufacturers to meet with supply.

There is not enough tooling, infrastructure or raw materials at the ready anywhere in the entire world to keep up with current consumer demand. And that’s why we are seeing shortages.

That begs the second question of why demand is so excessive. Part of the reason is the prevalence of scare-mongering rumors on the internet. The solution to that is not to forward them along, but to communicate with your elected lawmakers and urge them to vote against the pointless new restrictions on our rights that are under debate in Congress and many state legislatures. If we can restore rational debate, then demand will fall back to within manageable levels, and manufacturers can catch up and restore supply.

Don’t be fooled by scare-mongering. Instead, make your voice heard and send a message to your elected lawmakers.

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  • 10 thoughts on “It’s George Soros Fault We Have So Little Ammo… NOT!

    1. Unfortunately a lot of it is just simple greed brought on by many of the dealers. The recent two gun shows here in Macon, Ga. had Table Dealers as an example selling 22LR anywhere from $50.00-$95.00 a brick and yes, people were purchasing it at that price.

      On the way into the gun show one dealer had bricks at $50.00 and 20 minutes later upon leaving he had raised it to $65.00. Understand the business concept you cannot have sellers without buyers and vice versa, however this is just plain Greed. The true hunter/shooter will remember these dealers and not purchase from them when things hopefully settle down. Know that my friend and I will not be doing so.

      One dealer friend of ours has stopped allowing excessive purchases when one of his employees found that one of these table dealers was selling everything he had purchased from him earlier in the week at the gun show at two or three times the price. This dealer has a large inventory in storage and is now just releasing it a little at a time like the big box stores are doing. In his words “Yes I am here to make money, but not to steal from the honest sportsman. I need these guys to keep coming back or I cannot stay in business”. Rest assured I’ll be back many times to buy my hunting/shooting needs from him.

    2. NO! That is not the “Bottom Line”….what a polite none way of not addressing where the real problem exists…”How about pointing the finger at the real reason we have an ammo shortage….YOU. No not you NSSF, you do a great job.. but every one of you that ran down to your gun store and bought everything you could get your hands on then went home and ordered everything you could find like the “Invasion” was tomorrow! If you are a new gun owner and felt you needed to prepare and protect yourself..”welcome aboard” get some good instructions and practice, practice, practice. If you are someone who has been into guns “SHAME ON YOU”. You should have been stock piling ammo since 9-11. So NOW you run down to the store and get on-line and drive the prices up and dry up the inventory and want to complain about it..thanX a lot from those of us who are responsible gun owners to you whiners who are making the manufactures and store owners! Wipe your running little nose and GROW UP your giving responsible gun owners a bad image.”

    3. And at what point am I supposed to believe accept or buy this story as well? More than a year ago it was released that some Elite was buying up all the manufacturers. (Anyone can be bought)
      Now today weapons are excessively priced and were priced that way well before Obama made his anti gun debut.
      Ammunition, a consumable is easily made and shipped however the excuse of supply and demand though reasonable is also weak. Because the demand rose a while ago, adding a shift, hiring employees and ramping up manufacturing in that industry is not all that difficult.
      So either excuses are being made or more companies are in the hands of the Elite than we are being told.
      Follow the money.


    5. I have long ago, quit firing at paper and only hunt. You are only going to get so good until you are just burning money and ammo. At times like this you want to kick yourself for all the excess practice that you really didn’t need, and think about the ammo you would now still have for “emergency.” I’ll never shoot at paper again, except to zero a scope. Paper doesn’t move and if I can hit a squirrel with a head shot at 60 yds., with a .22, I think I am going to hit a paper target sitting still.
      By the way, don’t give these bastards in government any ideas. Nothing is below them.

    6. It is still strange to find out that ammo that is only usefull for plinking or target is also gone. IE; 22LR. Keep looking!!

    7. I stopped shooting my AR, impossible to find ammo, I have about 200 rounds on hand and will keep it in case I need it. Only firing my handguns as I reload for them.

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