More Gun Control, Hey Minnesota Here It Comes

Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance
Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance

Minnesota –-( A pile of anti-rights legislation will be heard by the a Minnesota Senate committee on Thursday at 6 p.m.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, headed by Sen. Ron Latz, will hear the bill, which he authored, and which is likely to closely match Rep. Michael Paymar's rights-stripping HF237.

We say “likely,” because Senator Latz has still not released the contents of the new bill.

Please try to attend this evening hearing; it is important that we have plenty of gun rights supporters. The committee is heavily weighted toward urban, anti-freedom urban DFLers, who need to hear from you that real Minnesotans DO NOT support these policies. Their contact information is below.

Also, please continue to write and call your own senator an representative, with three simple messages:

  • I am your constituent
  • I oppose Rep. Paymar's HF237 and its Senate companion
  • I support Rep. Hilstrom's HF1325 and its Senate companion

Oh, and If you haven't signed up for a GOCRA supporting membership, now would be a great time!

Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee

We are the Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, the organization behind CCRN (Concealed Carry Reform Now!). We are people from all walks of life who have banded together to preserve and protect all of our civil rights as gun owners. Visit:

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    These polititians forget about where it says ” WE THE PEOPLE” !!!! alot of “THE PEOPLE” have forgotten this as well too because actions speak louder than words ! Alot of bitching going on on the internet but when the rubber meets the road their isnt a whole hell of alot going on ! Alot of pro- gunners but lack of showing when rallies are held, also contact your senators and congressman !!!! HOUND THE HELL OUT OF THEM !!! also e- mail the hell out of CNN & MSNBC!!!! ask them whybthey arent carrying or covering certain stories and… Read more »


    Everyone keep in touch. They will try to change up the times and days on you, to discourage and make you have a poor showing. All for one and one for all! Never say quit!


    Latz’s cronies sent out a notice that the hearing was at noon on Thursday. The hearing is at 6pm on Thursday according to the website. I’m sure it was an innocent mistake.