Rabidly Anti Gun Doctor Manages To Insult Millions Of Americans In One Interview


David Hemenway, PhD
Pro-Victimhood Advocate David Hemenway, PhD, Director of the Harvard Injury Control Research Center
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AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- Vociferous Pro-Victimhood Advocate David Hemenway, PhD, Director of the Harvard Injury Control Research Center managed to insult 10’s of millions of Americans in a recent interview by declaring that anyone who chooses to defend their lives or the lives of their loved ones is a “wuss“. ( https://tiny.cc/o1b8uw )

“The gun is a great equalizer because it makes wimps as dangerous as people who really have skill and bravery and so I’d like to have this notion that anyone using a gun is a wuss. They aren’t anybody to be looked up to. They’re somebody to look down at because they couldn’t defend themselves or couldn’t protect others without using a gun.”

So the good doctor deigns to look down from his ivory perch and hurl invective at anyone that is handicapped, injured, weak (or weaker, such as women vs man, elderly vs criminal), outnumbered or simply not a martial arts expert as “wusses“.

Dr Hemenway has a long and “illustrious” history of doing anything necessary to advance the Citizen Disarmament agenda of the elites. He also admits his desire, parroting that of Eric Holder and Dr. Mark Rosenberg, Director of the CDC’s National Center for Injury Control and Prevention (NCIPC) who in 1994 told The Washington Post:

“We need to revolutionize the way we look at guns, like what we did with cigarettes. Now it [sic] is dirty, deadly, and banned. That it is imperative to “change the social norms”

“This is not acceptable behavior anymore. Another area we talk about where social norms have changed is smoking. What a magnificent change we’ve had in smoking in the United States. We need to see a social norm change on gun violence. “

According to Hemenway, and far to many others, we are supposed to simply accept the notion that only a “wuss” would insist on armed self defense, that a 110lb woman must be able to defeat her potential attacker(s) or submit to rape or anything else that happens to her, or she is not worthy of respect. That a senior citizen (such as Mary Sheppard, who was savagely beaten by a recently released violent felon) , that can not cold cock their significantly younger and stronger attacker should be viewed with contempt, or that even a mixed martial arts expert that cannot win out when set upon by multiple attackers such as those found in repeated cases of rampaging flash mobs around the Country is some kind of “lessor” being.

Of course this is also presuming that the potential attackers are all also unarmed, which is never the case.

Give the Dr this much, he’s at least open and public with his contempt, disdain and bigoted views, something that many Anti Gun advocates try desperately to hide from public view. The thing is, his public remarks are a huge, arrogant mistake.

Generally speaking its considered a good idea to not insult millions of people you are trying to persuade to come around to your view point.

Then again, Anti’s like the Dr make these same arrogant mistakes all the time, and as a rather famous General and Political Leader once said ” Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake” – Napolean Bonaparte.

In that light, I would strongly encourage the good doctor to keep opening his mouth at every opportunity.

More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be Armed.com

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Lt montoya

I am not surprised at his stupidity and arrogance. As the AMA is very much on board with the devilcrat communist,socialist genda! As a paralyzed American I am limited to using only one arm/hand and must walk with a cane as I have limited use of my left le and side. I do have a license and carry concealed daily! Any one who tries T o come at me with bad intent due to disability making me look vulnerable is in for a big surprise! What about all of us disabled veterans being wusses huh?! Indarechim to try calling us… Read more »


I guarantee a late night home invasion by three big thugs with baseball bats would change his mind. Especially after his wife calls HIM a wuss for not being able to stop them! What an idiot.

Miguel Grande

I have a 2nd degree black belt in Okinawan Karate. I have fought hundreds of rounds. I am heavily armed. I always carry a concealed switchblade knife so I can deploy it using only one hand. I openly carry a 9mm Baretta with a round in the chamber so I can use it with one hand. The most dangerous man I’ve ever met, my sensei, has a 10th degree black belt and has a licensed concealed carry permit. He has told me that the his weapon of choice is his legs. If he were attacked in a dark alley, his… Read more »


These are the rabidly insane professionals we have teaching higher education? No wonder we are literally in the toilet both morally and intellectually.


As if this wuss has any authority to tell a real man or lady anything.He lost his manhood somewhere along the way and wants to steal yours.Doctors kill more people than any gun owner.Stand up to this false authority and let him know his opinion carries as much weight as any dumbass liberal…NONE


This worm is a piss ant…just a piss ant ! HBH

Mike Glaser

By the way, the same goes for the letters “PhD”

Mike Glaser

The brilliant doctor’s idea of courage exists inside the walls of our Nation’s prisons. There weaker inmates are beaten, raped, and murdered by the more brutal and depraved among them in a gun-free “paradise.” Since the doc wants to impose the penitentiary model of gun control on those of us who reside outside of prison walls, perhaps he should spend a week or two in what is his version of an ideal society, of course among the general population, just so he can brag about how “bad” he is compared to us gun owners. You can put the letters “M.D.”… Read more »


all you tough guys who want to shoot a guy just because you are losing a fist fight know the guy is right. I own 50 guns and was a boxer and I got in numerous street fights so that means I should have been shot


LOL, first he looks like that face wore out two bodies and he need a real doctor, second PhD means “Piled Higher and Deeper”

The guy is a wing nut out of touch with reality.

Mr. Jonz

This guy looks like the poster child for “Wusses.”


Houston , Texas. 14 stabbed at lone star college. Now what? This is happening now . Fox News reporting. What no gun? Get ready folks , to loose every knife you own.


This jerkoff got his freedom from a ——— gun nothing ever changes maybe we can make some changes Semper FI my friends


Someone needs to tell this doctor that he and his peers murder more people every month than firearms do annually , and the fact that it is unintentional in most cases makes it even more insulting .


Many of the blog responses seem to be from the people that the left is trying to attack. I think we can discuss and plan calmly with resolve to ensure that the 2nd Amendment opposition members are not able to represent their goals by pointing to Red Neck fanatics. I am not saying that you are. I am saying that the shallow responses are grist for their mill. I’m 71, crippled and fading. I look at my guns as protection from those assholes who are blind to the effects we would see if our arms were confiscated. Just think we… Read more »


I would gladly put my gun down and beat his ass to disprove his point.


No surprise here, he is just a communist that will be taken care of in due time by the very “wusses” he says won’t. Nothing like trashing our Son’s and Daughters, police and anyone else that carries an evil GUN. Like to see him do that down in Harlem in NY, and he’s white.


The US Supreme Court has REPEATEDLY confirmed that the police have NO, ZERO, ZIP, Constitutional obligation to protect you. The police can stand right there and watch you be beaten to death and they have NO responsibility to lift a finger to help you. Just ask Reginald Denny.


That chicken neck shouldn’t be calling anyone a wuss when he looks like that. He looks like Bill Gates with AIDS.

Michael Rivero

I guess that must include every member of the police departments and armed forces, right?


It’s probably illegal for him to own a gun, by Yankee law or previous drug use. He’s just pissed off about it.
Sorry, Doc.


The first thing they taught us in hand to hand combat, in the army is: “You can’t fight off a bullet.” If this idiot of a doctor thinks anyone can, he need help. So the criminal is going to lie his gun down when he sees you don’t have one and go at it fairly with hands. I do not think this have ever been the case anywhere. He is just happy for his big advantage and blows you away before you can get near him.

Lochlyn Grendelsson

This idiot had better be damned glad that his First Amendment Rights are protected by MY Second Amendment Rights.


This guy is a total nut case, so when a bad guy points a gun at you and your family, rather than pulling your gun blowing his ass away, you are suppose to do some sort of fancy movie karate move and not only take his gun away but dismantle it in the process. What if there is two more bad guys. At 72 I am too old for hand to hand combat especially if there is more than one assailant. But I am a damn good shot. So I had rather be a live wuss than a dead Rambo.


How about I slap the taste out of his mouth and then see if he calls me a “wuss” …and I leave my guns at the house when I do it.


I can almost guarantee you this a-hole has a gun himself.


So apparently our soldiers are “wusses”. Maybe we should take their guns away and see what happens. I bet we’ll be a much more powerful country after that. Dumbshit…


Every criminal now knows that if they go to this man’s house, the Dr. will not fight back if you steal his stuff, beat him up or assault any of the other people (women) in the house.

This is the guy who says that the woman raped and murdered in teh alley or morally superior to the woman explaining to the cops near the injured/dead body why she shot her attacker.


I wouldn’t need a gun to take that guys wallet,


He is suppose to be a doctor yet he can not even get a descent fitting pair of glasses?? Or a descent hair cut, shave or a jacket that fits?


See you can buy a PhD for little or nothing.

bullet proof

That blows my mind. Tell this doctor that our military and police departments are full of ” wusses” that carry firearms as opposed to engaging in hand to hand combat.