Seven Foreign Chemical Engineers Caught Trespassing by Boston Water Supply

Water Supply
Seven Foreign Chemical Engineers Caught Trespassing by Boston Water Supply
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Washington DC – -( Late on the night of the May 14 2013, seven people–five men and two women–were caught trespassing at the Quabbin Reservoir near Boston MA.

Part of Boston’s drinking water comes from the Quabbin.

These seven individuals hail from Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. According to a Boston CBS affiliate, they told police “they were chemical engineers and recent college graduates–citing their education and career interests” as their justification for getting close to the reservoir.

State police said the individuals live “in Amherst, Cambridge, Sunderland, Northampton, and New York City.” They say the individuals had no warrants and that there was no indication of a crime greater than trespassing being committed.

All seven were released, but will be brought to court over the incident. The FBI is now involved in the investigation as well.

Question: What do you think they could have been up to?

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Mike B

Butch is right… maybe the next thing will be a bomb…. we should send them all back to their own country… Trespassing can easily be morphed into something higher… Why let these bastards keep re-conning for ambush????

Butch 23

Why don’t you go back to bed, Buck. I think I hear your sister calling you.


Whatever they were up to No Good could possibly come from it. How many are going to meet their court date? I hope someone is watching their movements at this time.

Buck—-I am Not a liberal Democrat, thank goodness, but your viewpoint as far as I am concerned fits you and Many Republicans. You are nothing but an Anti American Right wing Nut.

5 War Veteran

Just remember the FBI was also monitoring the Tsarnaev brothers too.

Much like a child carrying a book on quantum physics this foray of 7 people raises too many questions.
Much like dancing MOUSSAD agents dressed in Muslim clothing filming the WTC 15 minutes before the first “plane” hit.


I would like to see the entire New England area payed back for being America hating liberal progressives that always elect the most anti-American politicians they can find . I have NO use for the communist b–t–ds and can’t feel sorry for them even after the Boston massacre . As far as I am concerned every democrat is an evil progressive out to destroy what their own heroic forefathers built and passed on to them .


Recon for later operations. They need to be sent back to their respective nations.


I can answer that question in 2 words……..”NO GOOD”!!!