Franchi Introduces New Bird-Busting 3½-inch Intensity Shot Gun

Franchi Intensity ShotGun
Franchi Intensity ShotGun

ACCOKEEK, MD – Franchi’s Intensity is a brand new 3 ½-inch 12-gauge powerhouse featuring the versatile Inertia Driven system.

The new Intensity shotguns embody the feel of smaller gauge guns, which is possible because the recoil spring encircles the magazine tube located forward of the receiver.

This is what keeps recoil in line with the shooter and helps reduce muzzle flip.

The Intensity design incorporates a slender pistol grip, slim fore end, and the kind of precise symmetry that promotes a look and feel that few other shotguns attain or can claim. The Intensity’s slim attractive profile is accomplished by slimming down the dimensions of the durable polymer stock that is impervious to all elements of weather, as well as gun solvents and lubricants.

The Intensity receiver is made of a lightweight, durable aluminum alloy that’s strengthened with steel inserts that ensure a solid steel-to-steel lock-up. The Intensity weighs in at 7.2 pounds, giving this light and lively auto-loader a responsiveness that allows for quick swings and fast follow-up shots. The length-of-pull (LOP) is adjustable with 3 different lengths of recoil pads, affording the option of 14⅜- 14¼- and 15-inch LOP. Drop and cast is adjusted by virtue of a shim kit system. Recoil is tamed with a newly designed recoil pad that is unique in both form and function. This innovative recoil pad ensures that maximum recoil is absorbed before it reaches the shoulder. This sleek semiauto digests everything from 3½-inch Magnums down to 1⅛-ounce target loads.

The Intensity comes with either a 26- or 28-inch barrel and sports a stepped, ventilated-rib, red fiber optic front sight and a set of three extended choke tubes. The Intensity has perfect balance for making quick shots at fast-flying waterfowl, and when your gun handles like it's second nature, you have the confidence to make shots that put birds in the bag. Shoulder the Intensity to feel how it becomes a natural extension of your arm—you instantly know what “right” feels like. Franchi has total confidence in their shotgun products and stands firmly behind every Intensity with a seven-year warranty.

COMMON SPECIFICATIONS: Gauge: 12-Gauge Barrel Length: 26” & 28” Chokes: IC, M, F Sights: Red fiber optic bar Finish: Black synthetic, Realtree® Max-4™ & Realtree® APG™ Stock Material: Synthetic Average Weight: 7.2 lbs. Overall Length: 47.75” Length of Pull: 14.25” Drop at heel: Adjustable from 2” to 2.5” inches in 4 increments Drop at Comb: 1.5” (Adjustable with shim kit) MSRP: $1099-$1199

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  • 2 thoughts on “Franchi Introduces New Bird-Busting 3½-inch Intensity Shot Gun

    1. I got an Intensity 3 years ago and have used it sparingly until recently. While shooting birds, the charging handle sheared off. Upon contacting Benelli 10 days ago, I was informed one would be sent right away. Yesterday I called to check the status and was told they are back ordered. Getting service from them is like getting mail at Sam Drucker’s store on the old TV program “Green Acres”! (If anyone else experiences charging handles on their I12 going AWOL, I recommend an appropriately sized Allen wrench to charge the handle.)
      Also, I feel that Sir Gawain will find the Holy Grail and Diogenese will find his “honest man” before I find any straight poop on the stock counter weight and how it affects handling.
      The most important part of my squawk, however, is the owners manual! in the safety section, point 10 mentions not using the I12 under influence of alcohol or drugs. I feel they should have added “AND DON’T WRITE THE MANUAL FOR THIS GUN WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE!!!

    2. Sounds like a good one, but don’t just shoot up in the air or through a door. Send Obama an invitation to go quail hunting with Cheney!

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