ReCall! Freedom Hating Colorado State Senate President John Morse

Basic Freedom Defense Fund
Basic Freedom Defense Fund

Colorado –-( Latest updates about the Colorado Sate Senate President Morse recall

The recall is on track and doing well. We’re quite optimistic at this point that we’ll be successful in forcing the recall of a tyrant senator who thinks he’s above the people. We’ve gotten a lot of support from individual donors recently and it’s been extremely appreciated and put to a good use.

We’ve received some questions as to why we’re not firing back in the advertising department in Colorado Springs. Well, rest assured, there’s a strategy behind it. We won’t go into detail however we can say that the negative ads have actually been quite positive for us. They have increased awareness massively of the recall campaign and most people see right through the dirty politics. It’s really just making Morse look bad, which is fantastic.

What can you do to help us right now?
We need more volunteers in the Springs for the final few weekends. PLEASE if you can volunteer send an email to [email protected] so they can schedule you. You can help with the Sign and Drive events or pass out flyers.

As always, donations are appreciated and extremely useful here in the final portion of the recall campaign. For the cost of a box of ammo you can help fight back against the “progressive” agenda here in the beautiful state of Colorado. The donation link is at the bottom.

Final Thoughts
To all of our supporters – hang in there. This thing has been bumpy and still has a way to go, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

We received a story from a supporter today that we wanted to share with everyone as well:

“A person carrying a Senator Morse recall petition came to my door yesterday. The young man was handicapped and was being paid for each signature he received. This guy was trying to earn some money in a bad economy.

I started thinking about the commercials Morse was running saying not to sign the petition because the people coming to get your signature are perverts, criminals etc. This poor guy probably had people thinking he was some bad person when he was just a young disabled man trying to make it in a tough economy.

I guess Senator Morse’s commercials couldn’t tell people not to sign the petition because of the good things he has done while in office so they just attacked the average guy trying to make a buck. I truly felt sorry for this poor young man and it actually choked me up.”

To donate go here:

Basic Freedom Defense Fund
Basic Freedom Defense Fund
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