The Imperial Presidency Starts To Unravel – Political Commentary

By Dennis Dunn

Liitle Obama
The Imperial Presidency Starts To Unravel – Political Commentary
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Washington, DC –-( Soon the Emperor will have no clothes, and the charade will come to an end.

I don’t think the process can be stopped at this point. Too many worms are out of the can, and they are not the kind that can spin new silk clothes.

Hillary will be taken down by her own past cowardice and dishonesty. When Obama tries to throw her under the bus, in order to save his own sorry hide, she will not let that happen — without at least making sure she takes him down with her. Bill Clinton will see to that.

As it becomes clearer and clearer that the ship is going down, more and more rats will leave, and more and more whistleblowers will come forward to help deliver the appalling truths behind the mask of this Imperial Presidency.

Barack will not welcome the governmental transparency about to be forced upon him. His short fuse and megalomaniacal narcissism may well end up eating him alive and handing his political enemies the very tools with which to finish him off.

In attempting to maintain the Benghazi coverup, the Administration saw to it that General Petraeus was taken out of commission early on, by leaking the news of his extramarital affair. And then twenty-some survivors of the Libyan terrorist attack were quarantined (with identities blacked out) for seven months, with no access allowed to ANYONE in the Media.

So much for freedom of the press! And the First Amendment right of free speech for the survivors who were put on ice.

Recent Congressional hearings blew the lid off the Administration’s credibility with a huge part of the Mainstream Media. The latest two scandals regarding the IRS targeting conservative political organizations, and the Justice Department’s placing of wiretaps on TWENTY of AP’s phone lines (serving over 100 of the company’s reporters), and now Fox News — these are so appalling, even to most liberals, that Obama’s Genie has been yanked right out of the bottle. It is most unlikely that it can ever be put back in. I am waiting for Alan Dershowitz to weigh in.

Suddenly, the Liberal Media are starting to realize how much they’ve been gamed and manipulated by those they’ve been willing to give a pass to: on virtually every sin, act of idiocy or deception, and display of incompetence or hypocrisy. It seems that even Tom Brokaw has opened his eyes in just the past 24 hours. As the Media slowly wake up, so will the American people, and — come the elections of 2014 and 2016, by the time ObamaCare has fully kicked in — voters will not forget how badly they were fooled and taken in by all of those trying to push Big Government down their throats.

By the time a few wounded titans in the Liberal Press have taken their revenge on the con artists that so abused their gullibility, Obama will be left bleeding and unconscious on the cutting room floor — scarcely better off than the victims of Dr. Gosnell’s infanticide practice.

Wait till Bob Woodward comes out with his next book! He has already been sufficiently wounded, mocked, and knocked about by the White House gang, that he no longer will pull any punches.

And, if the GOP can’t take political advantage of the many gifts coming its way, then that Party will die a quick death as well — and deservedly so.

Dennis Dunn
May 14, 2013

About the Author
Dennis Dunn graduated cum laude from Harvard University with a major in Romance Languages and earned a Master’s Degree in French Literature from the University of Washington. Now retired, he has been a French teacher, a political party leader, and a securities broker. He is the author of “BAREBOW! An Archer’s Fair-Chase Taking of North America’s Big Game 29” and a life-member of many outdoor-oriented organizations and, in addition to hunting, has a passion for fishing, mineral collecting, skiing, opera, and his wife Karen. Visit:

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Lt Dan

In the past 6 months BHO was starting to remind me more and more of Nixon around the 1972 election. All the scandals, potential scandals, etc were swirling around the media and rumor mill, but they didn’t come to fruition until after the election.

I’m not alone in this thought. Last week I saw a political cartoon in the local newspaper depicting “Richard Milhouse Obama” sitting on his throne tightly grasping a pile of scandals involving crimes and abuse of power.

Hopefully history will repeat itself.


We can HOPE & PRAY!!
but after the NYC interview I believe he will get out of it because Obama support base are ignorant, low info voters who had NO CLUE ON THE 3 BIGGEST STORIES IN THE NEWS!!
HOW CAN THEY NOT KNOW! In this era of internet! Cable tv etc!! If their are ignorant and uninformed masses in NYC what about the rest of the country??
Its really scary!!! They actualy believe the Republicans r making this up to get Barry!! ( those r the very few who had a clue about at leat 1 scandal)

Ivan Pistov

My guess is the maybe even George Soros does not have enough power to stop the Titanic from sinking. Soonest after the election, when the Obama camp was so ebullient over his “mandate”, I got this gut feeling that, even though he EXPECTED a pretty much free ride for four more years, and maybe total consolidation of his power and his agenda, that SOMETHING is going to happen to this guy. I don’t know WHEN, WHAT, or HOW, but I still have that feeling, even more now. I don’t think it would include assassination, but then it just might. Disintigration… Read more »


Don’t write him off too soon. Mr. Soros is not going to let his investment in Barry fizzle that quickly.


This will be hilarious to watch ! It was just a matter of time before that african born muslim scum self destructed !


Jeez, I hope so.