2013 He-Man National 3-Gun Championship – Real Men Wanted

He-Man National 3-Gun Championship
He-Man National 3-Gun Championship
Johnson 3-Gun
Johnson 3-Gun

Raton, NM –-(Ammoland.com)- The 2nd annual He-Man National 3-Gun Championship will be held at the NRA Whittington Center on June 29-30, 2013.

This is a match that is focused on the BIG guns. He-Men must use a .308 or 30-06 rifle, a .45 caliber pistol and a pump 12 gauge shotgun.

They will be competing in 7 stages over 2 days. Some of the stages will be for one gun, some for 3 guns or more.

The stages are set in the Natural Terrain of the Rocky Mountains just south of Raton, NM.

Instead of walls, the shooters navigate around rocks and trees, through gullies and up and around hills.

While the match focuses on and is set up for the He-Men, there is also a division for staff and family members of He-Men called “wee-man.”

Anything other than He-Man guns fit into this division. Sometimes, the “wee-men” may feel a little under appreciated, but it is the He-Man National match after all.

On Saturday afternoon, after everyone has completed 4 stages, there will be a He-Man Side Shoot-Off.

First, all those interested in the Shoot-Off will be shooting steel piggies at 300 meters to see who can get the most in 15 seconds.

The top shooters from this will go to a single elimination head-to-head shoot-off using all 3 guns!

In 2012, even though the weather was stormy and wet, the shooters had an amazing time, with the top shooter winning a Gun.

It was a whole lot of fun!

This match is similar in nature to JP Rocky Mountain 3-Gun, which is itself the continuation of the old SOF matches.

The top Law enforcement He-Men in both He-Man Scope and He-Man Iron will have their names engraved on the Eddie Rhodes memorial trophy! Eddie Rhodes worked with the founders of Rocky Mountain 3-Gun to begin the He-Man division and is the “original He-Man”. Eddie was a Pueblo Police Officer who loved his BIG guns. He always said “9 mm makes you weak.”

He-Man Nationals has a number of wonderful and generous sponsors including Platinum Sponsor: Ergo Grips and Gold Sponsors: Hornady and Sierra Bullets. In this crazy time, 3-Gun Stuff, Black Sheep Manufacturing, Brownells, Burris, C&M Targets, CPWSA, Deadwood Stoves, Dewey Rods, Dillon Precision, DPMS, DSG Arms, Firebird Precision, Machine Gun Tours, Magpul, Nordic Components, Oneida Molded Plastics, ProEars, Redding, Safariland, Savage Arms, Seal 1, Seekins Precision, Shooter’s Source, SpecOps, StagArms, Truckvault and XS Sights have also stepped up as sponsors.

The match directors, JJ and Denise Johnson wanted to have a fun 3-Gun shoot focused on what are often the smaller divisions in the other 3-Gun matches!! So bring out your big guns and join the He-Men. Visit: https://home.earthlink.net/~johnson3gun/index.html